If there is one thing I’m notoriously bad for it’s giving myself a hard time.  When it comes to personal scrutiny…I definitely get the gold medal on that one (or would that be bronze?).  Especially when something isn’t going as well as it could, then I like to take off the blinkers, grab a map and compass and actually go looking for what else is less than perfect so I can really give myself some hard earned grief about it.

It was the past few weeks however, when I actually had a bit of time driving on my own (so no nursery rhymes, endless questions or routines to be aware of) and I thought about how dramatically my life has changed over the years.  I’m not sure you ever fully appreciate at each stage of life, just ‘how simple’ it is…until you reach the next level in the game and then you’d happily accept an hour of your old life (just to enjoy its calm).

I actually took stock of just how much has actually changed in the space of the last 6 years…if we weren’t experiencing pretty horrific pregnancies, we were moving house (twice on each count), or changing jobs and even industries…and the icing on the cake, I’ve just started my own company to boot.  That’s quite an achievement even by my standards! I decided then I was going to cut myself some slack and stop judging myself on every move I make (Sting anyone?!), or don’t make, and just enjoy where the last 6 years has taken us.  I now have 2 amazing little ladies, a roof over our heads (admittedly it isn’t finished and may never be), a husband who is also my best friend and I’ve met some pretty amazing people along the way.

We might be the busiest we’ve ever been, have significantly less money but we have a lot to show for it.

I think it’s time to down that compass and just enjoy the ride.


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