For most parents, it’s pretty standard to think that DIY projects and kids don’t mix. It’s a sensible viewpoint to have – small fingers and heavy hammers or sharp blades are a dangerous combination. That said, DIY lessons can be a great bonding experience to share with your kids, as well as making them more informed for the future. And after all, it’s always nice to have a helping hand.


For home renovations or carpentry builds, the gospel rule is to measure twice and cut once. If your kids are looking to help out during renovation projects, measuring is a relatively easy job. Simply teach them how to hold a tape measure and have them write down their findings around the house – this can be really beneficial for primary school children, bringing their maths lessons into practice. Easy tasks include measuring pieces of furniture or doors and windows for replacement projects.

Equipment Distribution

It’s well known among DIY fans that some tasks are just boring – tiling and hammering nails spring to mind immediately. While they require a fair amount of focus and concentration, it’s nice to have some company while you work. Younger children can be trusted to deliver equipment from your toolbox or from across the room to help you out, or sit and have a chat. Older kids might even want to get more hands on, so you can explain to them what different tools are for and let them have a turn with your supervision.


Kids are incredibly inventive, thinking up all sorts that wouldn’t occur to an adult. So when trusted with a blueprint template, they might just unlock how to fit an extra bit of furniture into a room, or come up with a new idea that makes your life that much easier. Little ones will do just fine with a plain old piece of paper and some colouring pencils to design a room for you (or ideas for the garden), while tweens and teens will probably be a dab hand on an interior design app on a mobile or computer.


It’s more fun to get everyone involved in redecorating. Painting is an easy job for almost all ages, be it furniture or walls; while taller kids can be incredibly helpful in changing lampshades or applying wallpaper. In preparing rooms for redecoration, teens will appreciate being asked to help, giving them the chance to learn about what the house needs to work, even if it’s a simple task like filling a hole in the wall.

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