Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I have lived in nothing by jeans and sweatshirts for the last 5 years (outside of the office that is!) My interest in style is something that was put to one side along with many other interests, hobbies or anything just plain time consuming when we had children.

I’m not going to sit here and say I bought Vogue and had a wardobe Kate Moss would be envious of… nothing is further from the truth. But I at least had the time and disposable income pre-kids to ensure I could hone a collection of clothes that I actually liked.

However, as my wardrobe will confirm, nothing pre-parenthood quite fits the same.  The skinny jeans are topped with a bit of podge and need to be swapped for high waisted versions and most of my lovely tailored office wear won’t go past my thighs.  I’m not sure why I’m still holding onto anything, as clearly it’s just my new shape and once those hips widen… they don’t go back.  Not only does nothing fit the same anymore, but the style I had honed some 5 years ago is no longer achievable at my age, let alone ‘on trend’ anymore.

Getting my style back after children

I’ve never been overly confident when it comes to appearance or style, but I knew what I liked (quite usually a complete head to toe look from the pages of the Next Directory).  I always felt most comfortable suited and booted for the office and turned to the same rotation of 5 outfits at the weekend.  Dresses were always a firm favourite, because then I don’t have to match them with a top or bottom.

So now I’m in this rather random style limbo.  A crossroads where nothing fits, but I can’t bare to part with the clothes because I have no idea what I would replace them with.

Getting my style back after children

I have made small baby steps towards replacing my wardobe with ‘today’ friendly clothing.  I feel that it’s been a bit of a smash and grab attempt however (mostly black, grey and pastel pink) and I’ve not really thought through outfits.  I’ve never been one for independently putting together looks and I feel more lost than ever and somewhat overwhelmed with the enormity of the task at hand.  I’m guessing the first step is going to be a rather massive clear out (that goes back at least a decade and consists of size 8 clothes!)

Recently one of the school mums did a department store FOC personal shopper experience and really rated it and I can’t help but think that I need this kind of intervention to get back my pre-kids style and find out what I actually like again.



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  1. Ooh I would love to do a department store personal shopper experience. I have been slowly getting my style back over the last few months and actually I have realised that what was holding me back was the fact I was worried about what other people would think of me. But I don’t care anymore and I am feeling so much happier in my style choices. If I like it, I wear it. x

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