Here we are 6 weeks before baby is due and it’s just the finishing touches we are left with to achieve our baby ready home.  We’ve been working quite a bit in the nursery and sourcing little nik naks to finish it off.

With it being our final “getting the home baby ready”, here’s what we are doing up until baby arrives…

Last Minute DIY

Mr will be using the evenings this week to paint the front hall.  The house is fairly new, so there is no preparation needed before painting.  Also the space isn’t too large, as we have a stone bricked wall in the hall.  This plus replacing the brown wooden blinds for some gloss white ones will really brighten up the space and make a nice welcoming area.

We will still need to replace the wooden flooring in this space, but we will wait until we do the kitchen, as we want the same flooring throughout.

The nursery just needs a blind and a few shelves put up and it’ll be done….I promise a reveal!

Getting On Top Of Things

We want to get on top of laundry and cleaning, so it looks like the MIL will be coming to help with the ironing to let us get into a routine over the coming weeks.  The last thing we want is to come home to a mountain of clothes and no energy to tackle it!

I’m also going into super nesting mode and worried about hygiene, so want to look at some carpet cleaning tips to make sure we are all set for spending the next few months on the floor with a newborn.

Final Organisation

We still have a few baby bits to find, such as the swing chair and toys (which we have made room for).

We also need to move the kitchen and utility units from the garage into the undecorated back lounge for a rather long term storage (sad face).

I can’t believe baby girl will be joining us in 6 weeks time and I for one am glad that we planned so carefully and will be bang on where we wanted to be in terms of a baby ready home, so I can just focus on the new arrival.  A little planning went a long way!

You can catch the whole baby ready home series here.




  1. Wow! What a hectic journey, but your house will be so amazing once it’s ready! Good luck and hope everything goes okay with bubba! xx

  2. How exciting, I love putting together thiings for a new baby. I have a new nephew so have been lavishing attention on him!

  3. How exciting! Great that you’ve managed to stay on track and get everything ready for the baby’s arrival. All the best with everything x

  4. Sounds like you are really nesting! Great to get everything done and looking forward to seeing updated pics, loved the nursery post x

  5. ah best of luck with everything, jes I remember the house being so organising before both arriavls, now I just can’t seem to keep on top of anything. You are definitely nesting xx
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  6. Such an exciting journey! I never felt fully prepared when my son was born, he’s 2 now and there are still things that I think need doing! It feels almost never endingwith every new stage! x

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