I’m doing a series about getting your home baby ready, so when baby arrives, you can kick back and relax in the perfect surroundings. If you missed the first in the series, you can catch it here.

In the last post we identified a nursery and set out a home improvement and decluttering action plan. With achievable goals over the coming months we should be on track and know exactly where we will finish up when baby arrives. We haven’t set ourselves any unrealistic expectations and the kitchen and utility hang in the balance. We are hoping that we will know by July if we can plough on with these and we would still have the time to do so. This would free up the sitting room, which is also achievable in the time frame.

In the meantime we have been making progress in what was the original kitchen pantry and turning it into an office and blogging HQ. We should see this finished in the next few weeks, alongside varnishing the internal doors.

We have decided that outside will just be maintenance based. Keeping ontop of the garden and exterior of the house, until we build up a budget to re-render the house, change the doors and windows and do some landscaping. So no pressure on us there.

So what’s next?

Planning Nursery Decor

I’ve been pinning like a pro on pinterest to identify what style we would like to go for. Currently the nursery is door varnishing room, so once we have finished that task we can set about adding to the nursery.

The carpet is newly fitted and the walls are were decorated in white when we tackled upstairs a few months ago, so all I need to do is decide on a feature wall design and decor.  The exciting bit!!

Planning Nursery Furniture

As we have pitched ceilings on 2 walls, we won’t be able to fit a full sized wardrobe in, which isn’t a problem for the first few years, as we can hang clothes in half height furniture (we have a great Ikea hack in mind). Letting child number 2 decide where in their room they want to add a built in wardrobe in the future.

We still have to decide if we want to keep the furniture we have from first time round.  It would be so much easier!

Planning First Weeks Sleeping Arrangements

I’m looking at options for baby’s early days in the house, where he/she will be napping downstairs and sleeping at night in our room.  There are so many options out there and thankfully we have the space in our bedroom, so we’re not limited to what we decide.

First time round we used our Bugaboo carrycot downstairs for naps and a rocking basket in our room at night.  Meaning we didn’t have to carry a basket and stand up and down stairs everyday, which would prove troublesome after a c-section.

It’s quite likely we will do the same again, but get new mattresses for both.

What are you doing to get your home baby ready?



  1. Wow, you are organised! I don’t think I did much at all to get our house ready for number baby number #2. We got the carrycot, car seat and crib down from the attic (oh yes, and washed all the tiny onesies). We redecorated another bedroom so baby’s big brother could move out of the nursery. The nursery itself just got a paint touch up (white walls, easy!) and a tidy up. Everything thing else just stayed the same. I guess second babies just have to fit in with the chaos of family life around them! Good luck with your new arrival when he or she comes. x

  2. For daytime naps I would highly recommend the Poddle pod. It’s a donut shaped cushion that you can move around the house without problem. My little one would nap happier there than in the moses basket 🙂

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