Getting organised is the chink in my armour on a daily basis.  It’s a constant bug bear and frustration every time I forget something, can’t find something, or spend less time doing the one thing I actually wanted to be doing.  However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s a full house now, so I need to be more on my A game when it comes to being more organised in 2018.

There’s always been excuse after excuse as to why we have trundled along the way we have.  It was suffering through pregnancy conditions, recovery post birth, renovations, or just plain exhaustion… But this year it stops.

You can probably sense just how disappointed I am at myself in how I’ve ‘let this happen’ and get so out of control, but I’m focussing on the positives and I’m starting this year with a fresh head, fresh drive and every saving grace… A LIST!

Beating The “Why Bother?” Complex

In 2017, I tried on more than one occasion to get into routines, habits and a level of “perfect” that made me happy… But it was too much at once, which just spells disaster.  I did what I often do and that’s admit defeat.  If I can’t do it the way it should be, then why bother at all?  Another guilty habit!  Perfection is something that holds people back in many aspects of life and for me, this is just one of them.

If you feel the same, try to give yourself one small task.  Just one… One that’s been bugging you for months.  Whether it’s sorting through the charity pile, putting a random pile of junk away properly or just sorting out the family calendar.  JUST DO IT!  Block off an afternoon or forego your evening in the bath, just do that one task.  At the end of it, you will feel like you’ve won the nobel prize!  Now you have just kick started that inner determination to get more done.

Work out a Plan of Action

Walk around your house and compile a list of areas that you want to be more organised in, room by room.  If time is really limited, even split this out even further, drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard.  personally I feel better if I complete a smaller task, than get 20% through a larger task.

If you find it helpful, jot down alongside each task the time you plan to spend on each organising task.  That way, when you have a spare 20 mins, you can go straight to a task.  Be realistic here… We all know how sorting through a drawer might seem like a 10 minute task… But if there is a lot of “home finding” for items to be done as a result of that, you could end up adding another 10-15mins and killing your buzz.

Finding the Time

Not everyone has a spare day, or afternoon to get a good crack at organising or tidying (if we did, you wouldn’t be reading this!) So it’s all about squeezing things in around your schedule. Could you get up 15 mins earlier in the morning? Instead of watching that tv show, could you be scoring off a task on your list? By having a good mix of small tasks on your list, you will find that scoring off coming thick and fast.

Keeping Motivated

Try to remember that once you have worked through your list, all those sacrifices you made (such as getting up early or missing a tv show or gym class) will go back to normal.  If you find it hard going cold turkey on all of your down time to finish the list faster, then why not reward yourself with an evening off from it now and then.

Once you have finished your organising, it’s done. Then it’s just a more manageable task of keeping on top of it.



  1. Totally with you on this! I’m mostly on top of the house these days… it doesn’t look exactly as I’d like yet, but I’m finally at a point where I regularly declutter which helps a *lot*!
    Good enough and done is better than never starting at all, right? ?
    Only thing I really need to work on organisation wise this year is figuring out how to balance uni and blogging. Once I’ve got that one down, it’s all gravy! Nothing is ever perfect of course, but then life isn’t meant to be is it? So easy to get into the habit of deciding not to bother, and that’s a hole that’s hard to dig yourself out of.
    Happy New Year lovely! x

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