It’s important that your child’s room is a place that they can feel comfortable and happy in. As they grow older, they’re going to be ever more conscious of their surroundings. The best way of making sure they will love their bedroom is by involving them in the process. Here are a few ways to do just that.

The Design Phase

Obviously they aren’t going to fully understand the ins and outs of design, but you can definitely ask them for suggestions. Some aspects you want to think about are:

  • Theme- This could be anything from a particular film or tv show that they love, or, something like a space or fairytale theme.
  • Color Scheme- Use some of your child’s favourite colours throughout the room. However, you do want the room to have a flow to it, so make sure it fits in with the theme.
  • The Furniture- Take them furniture shopping or show them some ideas online. Asking them to choose a bed they like may be a good starting point, then find the storage essentials to go with it.
  • Decor- This could range from hanging up posters of their favourite cartoons, to even having a wall mural put in place as a feature wall. There are hundreds of options for children’s wall murals and it could make for a really unique aspect to their bedroom.

The Budget

Having your child help with the budget can be a great way to teach them a bit about money, and it may make them a bit more invested in designing their room. By telling them the maximum amount that you have to spend, you can get them to look carefully at the price labels on pieces of furniture and even turn it into a bit of a game.

The Painting

Most children love to paint and you will find that they will take pride in their room if they have gotten to decorate it themselves. Just let them paint the areas that they can reach with the roller. However, you do not want to forget to lay down some sheets and tape off areas that you do not want painted – so there is not a huge mess.


Unless you pay the store to put together the bed and other aspects in the room, you will have to do this yourself. Let your child help with this. Even if they are younger, they will enjoy getting to be “in charge” of the screws or even getting to try their hand at the screwdriver.


Let your child set up the room when the painting is done. While they may not be able to hang shelves or pictures, they can help with aspects like bringing boxes of their stuff in and putting it in the right spot. This will help assure that they are fully happy with where everything is positioned.

Decorating your child’s room with them is great for a number of reasons. Not only will it help ensure their happiness, but it will also teach them a few life lessons along the way. With this, you will also find that it can be a great bonding tool.

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