Garden shed makeover using slate grey garden paint from Ronseal and decorated with rustic style decor.

When we moved into our forever home just over 2 years ago, we were excited (yet terrified) at the enormity of the garden.  We had only ever had a rather modern and simple rectangle of grass before (oh how easy that was!). However our game had well and truly been ‘upped’ as we adopted a rather quaint, country style garden…complete with multi levels, plants a plenty and surprises around every corner.  The kids love it of course, even if it is an unmanageable task to maintain (and not at all our modern and simple style).

One of the great features of the garden is a wooden ‘bothy’ complete with wood burner.  It’s tucked out of sight from the house, up on a higher level (a bit like the Secret Garden) and the deck of it overlooks the fields and the forests beyond.  It’s quite picturesque and it’s a great place to set up for the afternoon whilst the kids are playing. But if I had to say one thing about it…and I’m not exaggerating when I say this…it’s not the slightest bit pretty to look at (as you can see!)

Shed makeover reveal

With it’s trademark red/brown stain, something we are slowly eradicating from this house piece by painstaking piece, it became a bit of a storage ground for furniture, doors and even kitchen units.  But I was determined to give it the kiss of life and get some use out of it.  At the very least, It would make a pretty photo backdrop.

After hitting my famed pinterest boards, I decided I wanted to go for a grey coloured paint, but with a hint of sage/blue to it.  I worried that nothing would tackle the existing stain, as it was so dark, but I needn’t have.  Ronseal have a great selection of garden paints available in a choice of colours.  We opted for ‘slate’ and when I did my research, I found positive reviews from others who were covering a similar dark colour.

Shed makeover reveal

Even with 1 coat, I knew it was going to work quite well and after 3 we were really impressed with the coverage and it is good knowing the wood is now protected for 5 years.

Shed makeover reveal

I have to say, I was gobsmacked at the difference it has made to the whole garden and the fact it is now a space where I want to come and sit.  I love the rustic, industrial charm of the decking (my most favorite photo backdrop ever), but I had a bit of a fight to keep it au natural. I think it works really well, let me know what you think.

Shed makeover reveal

I’m looking forward to spending a few summer evenings here in the years to come…and who knows, we could even get the wood burner on the go when the snow hits.  I’m thinking fake fur throws, flickering lights and a little glass of mulled wine…who’s in?!

Shed makeover reveal

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  1. Flying solo Reply

    This looks fab, I want to change the colour of my fences and deck for next summer! I have to be honest it’s not a task I’m looking forward to, I want a dark grey though! So I’m hoping that might help! And thank goodness I’v got my spray gun to make it a bit easier! #bloggershomes

  2. You have a bothy with a wood burner?! I’m in awe!! We painted our (very much smaller) shed a few years ago and it was amazing how much better it looked. I’m now considering painting our fence too as I’ve seen some beautiful painted ones…

  3. That winter evening sounds wonderful! The paint job really has changed how that area looks. I’m mousy jealous of your garden, we don’t even have room to swing a cat in our garden 🙁

  4. I would do anything for a space to make into a photographing, filming little studio office for myself. This would be perfect for that. Who needs a man cave? I love the grey… I swear my entire house is grey. What a great makeover hun. You are always so great at interiors. You have the skill.

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