It’s hard to believe that we are creeping up to that time in MM’s life where we are going to have to tackle the cot to bed situation.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no hurry and it’s likely to be Christmas time before we actually do it, but I’m a stickler for getting my ducks in a row (if you remember the process I went through when Munch moved from cot to bed!)

There are a few hoops to jump through first and with 2 kids, work, renovations and general life… these things can really draw out (oh and a little bit of head in the sand denial that she is not a baby anymore…weep!)

Furniture Safety in the Nursery

First things first, safety is a huge concern of mine.  We already have the stair gate on her door, but I want to make sure that if she does get out of her bed I know that she is safe.  So I need to readdress the furniture situation and ensure that everything that isn’t already firmly attached to the wall is.  We recently received a furniture safety bracket to test from Room to Grow, so that is the chest of drawers taken care of at least.

Being a complete worrier, I wouldn’t want her to get hurt by hangers in the wardrobe, should she open it, or anything that is in her drawers.  So I’ll need to look into a solution for keeping these closed.

Window Safety in the Nursery

Another well known one is blind cords.  We’ve yet to install the nursery blind, as we’ve just used a gro blind so far, but I’ll need to make sure I attached the plastic tie off.

Thankfully the handles on the windows are out of reach, even with chair access (yes, I’ve thought of every eventuality)

General Safety in the Nursery

There are a few other things I will need to put in place.  Rather randomly, our wireless router is in the main socket in her bedroom (previous owners used it as an office)… so this will need to be relocated either through the wall or downstairs into the family room.  It’s not something that I want her to have access to, as you know how kids love pushing buttons.  I’ve been putting it off for 3 years out of fear of losing the use of it for any period of time, given that I work from home. I also need to find out who does this… BT directly, or any electrician?

I will also need to invest in plug covers, or at least shift furniture about to conceal those not in use.

So, there you can see that when it comes to safety in the nursery, I have a few things to consider!

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