Everyone gets fed up with doing the right thing all the time, and while a little rebelliousness is fine in its place, that place is not on the road, nor, specifically, with your MOT certificate. There are a number of good reasons to never neglect your MOT test when the renewal date approaches this is true especially for motorists driving in major cities of the UK like London.

Let us take a look at five of the top reasons.

It’s Not Safe

The first is perhaps the most moral reason for ensuring you get your MOT done on time. The MOT test exists to ensure that vehicles on the road are safe to be there, with drivers able to see and be seen, able to control their vehicles, moving to the side and coming to a safe stop in the event of something going wrong, and generally not being a hazard to yourself or other road users. Without your MOT certificate, you will not know if your brakes, for example, or your steering, are slowly disintegrating until they fail catastrophically, transforming your car from transportation into a blind missile…

It Will Invalidate Your Insurance

Most insurance policies insist that vehicles are legally compliant and that includes having an up-to-date MOT certification if the car is older than three years old (vehicles only need their first annual MOT on their third birthday, before that it is assumed that such a new car will be in reasonable roadworthy condition). Trying to argue that an accident was not your fault when you do not have a valid MOT certificate will most likely go against you, because the other driver could claim that your vehicle was not roadworthy at the time: even if it was! Your MOT certificate is your proof that the vehicle has been deemed roadworthy by a reliable MOT inspector.

It Could Cost You a Fine

Being found in possession of an expired MOT certificate can cost you a large fine: the standard fine for not having a valid MOT certificate is up to £1,000. However, if your car is pulled over for having a major fault – one that would have been picked up by the MOT inspector – and no valid MOT, you could face a much larger fine: up to £2,500! When you think that the cost of your MOT will always be pinned by the government and that it is currently £54.85 (and often much lower) the thought of having to pay £2,500 becomes decidedly sensible!

It Is a Criminal Offense!

The MOT is a legal requirement and refusing to get your car tested is a criminal offense that could result in you having a criminal record. Criminal records will follow you for years, requiring embarrassing explanations and conversations with employers, recruitment personnel, future partners, and even long-lost friends. It can stop you from working in a number of industries – anything to do with intelligence and security or working with vulnerable people and children, and it can also impact on your ability to go to university. It is simply not worth risking shutting off so many opportunities just by refusing to pay a paltry sum to ensure your car is roadworthy! Reserve and book online MOT in London at DAT Tyres website here.

It Could Cost You Your Car!

Too egregious a fault with the car, or simply if the expenses will be too high to repair and recover the vehicle (especially if you are facing a fine at the same time!) and you could be strongly advised by the police that the better option is allowing them to take the car away and crush it. This will leave you with various legal expenses and no transportation save buses and trains. Public transport, depending on where you live, can be quite expensive, and you might quickly regret not having paid the £54.85 to keep your wheels legal and in your own possession.


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