Something that most parents can relate to is finding time.  There is no time machine, nor is there a time shop where we can go and buy the time so so desperately need to get everything done in a day (if someone could invent these, it would be great!).  So, I find myself writing a lot about finding time, to do the things that we enjoy doing as a family, to support the girls in their learning as they grow up and to make memories with them.  I constantly thinking, what we can streamline? Where can we multi task? And how we can really make those precious pockets of time work harder for us?

There is so much to do as a parent, from the everyday task off getting everyone ready, getting them fed and taking people where they need to be at the right time.  Lives are busier than ever and I’ve quite often found myself trying to make quality time with Liv and MM in smaller snippets of time through the week, because what with school clubs, swimming lessons and 2 working parents, sometimes you need to catch that moment when you can.

We’re quite lucky in that there is more information than ever before on fun and interesting ways to engage kids in writing, reading and counting.  Whether you want to support, or are home educating.  These fun ideas can be adapted to fit busy schedules and we’ve been asked to put them to the test.

Finding the time to practice counting

Pockets of time we certainly have in abundance is travel time.  There is a lot of running around in our week, so we are going to be playing number games with Liv in the car.  She already loves counting, so we want to help her keep that going, especially over the festive holidays.  Things like counting certain objects we pass by, or thinking of a number and guessing higher or lower.  She already loves to play funny multiplication games and even told us there were 40 of us in the car one night… If each of us counted as 10.  I just love to see how her imagination works and how she is picking up counting skills in a non classroom environment.

Finding the time to practice writing

Cooking is another pocket of time we have, where we are normally trying to keep 2 eager beavers out of the kitchen, so we will be taking Liv’s love of writing and drawing and MM’s obsession for crayons and playing “what would you take with you”.  This is something that we use to distract Liv if she wakes in the night with growing pains to calm her down, so I know she will love bringing it to life on paper.  MM will just love the excuse to do some colouring in!

Finding the time to practice reading

Lastly, running the bath is another time where Liv will sit and read MM a book.  MM has become Paddington obsessed lately and although I’m used to seeing Liv read the carefully selected, level appropriate, school books that come home, I was pleasantly surprised when she picked up a reading book from her own shelf and read it word for word to MM.  Not going to lie, it was a bit of a teary eyed moment.

I’ll report back with how we get on next week and see if there’s anything that we learn as parents along the way!  If you would like to join in and try this yourself, you can check out the Read, Write, Count Scotland website for tips and helpful resources or look out for the #readwritecount on social media.  You may have already received a pack from your school, which is full of books, games and tips to get involved.

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  2. Lucy Goodwin Reply

    I totally understand. We used to fit the alphabet song, counting to 20 and back, days of the week, months and seasons into our school run so it became a regular thing and became easier for them to remember.

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