We have just had our 6th Wedding Anniversary last month and a tradition we have is watching the wedding video.  This year Munch watched it with us for the first time and it was super cute to see her share in our special moment and wave at the screen to everyone she recognised.

As it turns out, we got married only 5 minutes from our new house, making where we live that little bit extra special.  But it was with a bit of luck that we found our wedding venue.

When we started planning, we decided very quickly to get married half way between both our home towns, for fairness to the families.  There were the usual well known venues, but we wanted something a bit more intimate.  So we took to our feet and had our heart set on a National Trust property.  It was enroute to one of the properties that we stumbled upon a very sweet country house hotel.  We fell in love with this hotel due to it’s size.  By holding the wedding there we would effectively take over the whole hotel and have the added benefit of on site facilities for food and drink.  Something that we would have had to arrange separately if we’d opted for a stand alone National Trust property.

It just so happened that there was a very old chapel just minutes round the corner, ticking yet another box for us.  We really had found the perfect venue by pure mistake.

Wedding venue hunt

These days however, we could have found this venue easily by using online resources like Venuefinder.  It shortlists all the possible venues in your selected area.   Whether you are arranging a wedding, party or other event, you can search by style, capacity and number of bedrooms.  Taking all the leg work out of finding the right venue for you.  They even have a team of people who can find and negotiate rates for you.

We were very lucky to find our perfect venue for our big day, but it could have been found very easily.

Disclosure: This post in in association with Venue Finder.



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