A bit of a motto this year for me is to spend more time doing the things I love and less doing those things I hate.  Now that we are edging ever closer to the year end, I do feel that I have certainly made a huge dent in achieving this.

I wrote a while ago about how I was struggling to control my time, now that I’m my own boss.  Work was seeping into all the crevices of time that I had so carefully curated for those things I enjoy (blogging being one of them) and left me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at myself.  However, these past few months, I think I finally have it nailed and I’m looking forward to starting a New Year with these skills in place and reaping a spring and summer of doing what I love.

Everyone has different plates spinning, so I can’t give you a definitive recipe, but I can share those things that I adopted that set me up on the right path:

Write a killer weekly planner

Every week, I take 5 minutes to compile a killer weekly planner.  I put everything on there that needs to be done (in order for me to feel that sigh of relief on a Friday), whether work related, life admin or indeed blogging and vlogging… On it goes.  I section these by day… There is nothing more gratifying than scoring theses tasks of your list and getting that Friday feeling each night, knowing that you have it in hand.

Switch off

I work with social media in my job and through blogging and vlogging, so it’s not surprising that I don’t want to them spend each evening spinning that out in my personal life catching up.  I have a bit of an informal social media ban after 7pm for myself, as we all know how watching one funny cat video on facebook can turn into a 4 hours later situation!  Instead I will spend that time catching up with friends via Whats App, or in actual human form… Or just having the night to myself to binge watch TV, cosy up with my other half.  I’ve actually come to really enjoy having my evenings back.

Don’t procrastinate

Another thing I was hugely guilty of was getting massively sidetracked with other tasks (this is where the weekly planner is a huge help), or plainly getting sucked into an online black hole of you tube, social channels or shopping.  I make sure that I stick to my planner and only once I’m finished will I let myself dip a toe into the black hole.  Failing that, if it’s something practical that needs researching (such as decor choices for the living room) then I’ll pop it on the planner (I told you it was a killer planner!)

By being quite restrained at both work and with down time, I can actually guilt free spend time with the family and even have a lazy night to myself.  I’ve found that being able to do this really recharges my batteries and sets me up for the following day/week.


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  1. Ah that’s a balance I’ve yet to find! Recently went self employed so I could rest easy with knowing I was on the right side of taxes etc with sponsored posts but in doing so my brain wants to constantly do “blog stuff”. Not that helpful when I’m supposed to be studying for uni. When I’m studying I feel like I should be working and when I’m working I should be studying. And that on top of the boys and organising the house and getting everything ready for Christmas… GAH!!
    I’d love to see a blog post or vlog about how you set out your killer weekly planner! ?

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