The first half of this year has been nothing short of manic!  It’s been a complete roller coaster and required plate spinning skills of circus levels just to be all swan like on top. But I have kicked back a little over the summer and allowed myself a rather restful 3 day week (the joy of being my own boss!) Not just to spend more time with the kids, but also to do more of what I love and that is video editing.

So you may have noticed that I’ve rained back on the weekly uploads on YouTube (or maybe you haven’t… cheers for hiding my videos YT!)… It’s a love hate relationship, as inevitably the good old algorithm will immediately make you feel poop about your proud creation when your video doesn’t get enough traction in the initial 2 hrs that it goes live, but I’m definitely going to be back after the summer with more cinematics and I’m going to ignore the stats for the time being and let it do what it wants.

Freelance video editor Aberdeen

Cinematic video is a style I really enjoy watching and editing.  I have a few people to thank over the years for my editing influences… Katie (Mummy, Daddy, Me), Peter McKinnon, Mark (Honest Father) and Alex & Hannah (What Alex Did/What Hannah Did Next).  I’m a sucker for a slow mo as I feel is really captures the emotion of special moments… The way kids look at each other, the joy on someones face, or even the atmosphere. I just adore it!  I’m probably using waaaaaay too much at the moment, but for now I accept that I’m still learning and I’m excited for what’s to come and how I can adapt my editing skills to brand/product videos (not just for the blog, but for my marketing company too).

Here’s a cinematics playlist of the videos I’ve made so far in this style (some of the earlier ones I cringe at watching back now, but I’ll leave the playlist as is!):

Huge thanks to my lovely friend and fellow blogger/vlogger Amy (Amy Being Mum), for allowing me to practice over the summer on her and she even caught a few sneaky snaps of me in action!

The future is bright… The future is slow mo!



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