There are a few things that are so magical in this life and Disney has to be one of them.  We were invited along to the Aberdeen showing of Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment last week and it didn’t disappoint. Previously we had seen Frozen on Ice and I was lost for words at the execution of the performance and the sheer delight on the girls faces. This time the magic was still there and both myself and Scott were a bit struck by it too. 

My absolute favourite Disney film growing up was The Little Mermaid, so seeing it brought to life in front of me, was a bit of a bucket list thing for me (oh hello Prince Eric!). Whilst Scott is a huge Toy Story fanatic and so I often caught him smiling away during that segment.

disney on ice aberdeen world of enchantment

Something that was really apparent was just how Disney magic takes hold of everyone. It wasn’t just the performers who had the magic, but all supporting staff too. From the welcoming car park attendants, to the popcorn seller who danced on the stairs with Liv, everyone got caught up in the Disney vibe and it was wonderful to see.

disney on ice aberdeen world of enchantment

Of course we got to see Cars and Frozen. The girls were captivated throughout, I think mainly because we didn’t know what or who was coming on next.

disney on ice aberdeen world of enchantment

MM is a massive Minnie fan (or Mickey Minnie as she calls her!) She was so excited to see them open and narrate the show.  I think there may have even been a tear in my eye that we got to make these amazing memories for them both… A huge goal of both mine and Scott’s.

We already can’t wait to see the next visit… By which point we should be over at the new Exhibition Centre in Aberdeen (which is even closer to home!)

Disclosure: We were sent to Disney on Ice, but all magic is 100% real.


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