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Today’s post is from Matt Bessent, who is tackling those never ending DIY and organsing tasks one at a time (it sounds so easy!)…

I really enjoy the start of a new year, so full of opportunity and fresh ideas. Whilst it’s always sad to usher out the Christmas tree and decorations, it never fails to surprise me how spacious the sitting room suddenly appears without an enormous conifer dominating the corner.

But rather than bring back all the clutter that made way for the tree, this January I’m making a stand. From the minute those pine needles hit the vacuum, that room is staying clutter-free. And while I’m at it – I’ll give the rest of the house a go too. Why not join me? With just one task a month to manage, it’s a failsafe resolution that’ll give your home that ‘new year, new start’ feeling all year.

So let’s get going…

January – Out with the old, in with the new.

Throw away any old or unwanted items in your bathroom: makeup, lotions, old razors and sunscreen. And if you’re guilty of having multiple shampoos and shower gels open at the same time then choose one of each and put the others away. Get into the habit of using up what you have open.

February – Label cables and chargers for electronic items.

You won’t waste time looking for the right cord to charge the video camera, iPad, phone or digital camera. Tip: Stuff each one in a used toilet roll so they don’t get tangled up.

March – Take a look at your dressing table.

Full of clutter, right? What you need is attractive storage space in the form of a stacked wicker unit. Once you have designated drawers for all your brushes, bobbles, hair products, moisturisers etc., you’ll feel super organised and it’ll look great too. I like this one from Dunelm Mill.

April – Sort through, sell or donate anything you don’t wear anymore.

This includes clothes you like but haven’t worn in over a year. It’s tough love. Also, get rid of those worn-out or uncomfortable shoes you no longer wear.

May – Display Shelving.

Put some floating book shelves up to display your favourite reading material and keep them from building up in a huge pile next to your bed. There is a huge array of shelf choices to suit your décor, and you’ll need a few basic DIY tools to do the job, like a hammer, drill and spirit level.

June – Evaluate your storage.

This month treat yourself to a stylish ottoman with hidden storage under the seat, perfect for hiding any clutter that’s made its way back into the living room.

July – Organise magazine recipe clippings.

Choose a ring binder that matches your kitchen colour and fill it with plastic sheet protectors and a set of tabbed dividers. Glue recipes onto a piece of paper and place in a sheet protector in the correct section (i.e. main courses, desserts, veggie recipes etc.). Tip: Keep a plastic wallet at the front for storing future clippings.

August – The Linen Cupboard.

Store matching bed sheets, duvet cover and pillowcase inside the second pillow case for easy storage and great accessibility; it should all fit neatly in the one case if folded well.

September – Family notice board.

Fix cork board tiles to the inside of a kitchen cupboard door for somewhere to hang spare keys, stick supermarket vouchers and shopping lists. Here’s the tutorial.

October – Cleaning cupboard.

Hang a plastic shoe organiser on the inside of your cleaning cupboard door. Each pocket is the perfect size for a bottle of kitchen spray, washing liquid, cleaning cloths etc.

November – Tackle the wardrobe.

Use plastic tubs in the bottom of your wardrobe to store scarves, belts and hand bags. Help out the man in your life by putting a dedicated tie and belt rack / holder in his wardrobe.

December – Make a party kit.

Stash napkins, tablecloths, extra glassware and plates, votive candles, place name holders, cocktail shakers and other special occasion items in a large plastic tub (with lid) in the garage. Pull it out pre-entertaining so you don’t waste valuable cupboard space in the kitchen.

This has spurred me on to tackle a project each month to get the new house in shape.  Watch this space!



  1. Some brilliant ideas there! We sorted our clutter in December, so we are either a month ahead or can have a month off. 😉 Love that wicker basket too and it would match my dressing table beautifully.
    rachelreallife recently posted…Reflections on 2014My Profile

  2. I love the idea of breaking this down into one task per month. The party kit box is a great idea. My husband has two tie hangers in his wardrobe. Does he use them…? Enjoyed this post – very inspiring!
    Jess Paterson recently posted…Hosting Hacks For NYEMy Profile

  3. How creative. I love that you chose something to tackle each month instead of making a long list that probably will never get done because it looks too daunting. But when you look at it as one thing per month it’s easy! I will have to follow this this year. My house is in need of a declutter and the keep need to go through their toys and clothes to donate too! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Happy New Year! #sharewithme

  4. Polka Dot Family Reply

    Such fabulous ideas and some that I will certainly be putting in to action #sharewithme

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