As the return to school creeps back in, it’s time to pack away those free times and sharpen the organisational skills… We all know that when school returns, so do the clubs, lessons and playdates.  This makes it very difficult to squeeze in homework.  Depending on your after school commitments, there might only be 1 or 2 nights free to fit it in, so it’s important to have a space away from the daily hustle and bustle where they can sharpen their little minds.

Having recently ‘finished’ my office (that floor style needs to be fitted!) I’m thinking of adapting it to suit Liv.  It’s perfectly located in case she needs help, but out-of-the-way of distractions.  When she is a bit older, I will put a study station in her bedroom, but until then she can be my little office buddy.  So, with that in mind here are my tips for creating a multifunctional family study space:

Pick an accessible homework space

As I said, my office is just off the main family room/kitchen.  It’s close enough, should she need any support… But far enough away that the tv and a little sister can’t distract her.

Make it child friendly

A lot of the homework she is getting at this age involves colouring in and writing, so make sure table tops are easy to clean and any mess or spills aren’t going to cause any damage!

Make it interchangeable

In a shared space, you have to cater for everyone’s tastes.  I’m a lover of industrial and scandi and clearly Liv loves a bit of colour.  By picking stylish pieces of furniture and adding in bold accessories makes us both happy.

Give everyone their own work storage

I hone from a work place that had a tidy desk policy and so this is something I’ve adopted at home too.  I make sure that all my daily notes, pens, highlighters or whatever I’ve been using that days are out-of-the-way in my storage box and Liv can do the same with her own box.

Get the Look

The key to a shared space is flexibility.  By picking stylish furniture pieces, the over all look still feels very grown up (I don’t want to feel I’m sat in a classroom everyday), but by allowing Liv to add some fun and practical touches of her own, we think we will manage to achieve the perfect balance… What do you think of our choices?

Industrial Office space for Kids

1.Faux Cactus – £35.99 // 2. Desk Lamp – £41.99 // 3.  Desk tidy – £19.99 // 4.  Card Wall Art – £86.94 // 5.  White and Oak Desk – £118.24 // 6.  Wooden Clipboards – £33.98 // 7. Chair – £76.99 // 8. Metal Letter – £69.99

Homework corner space for Kids

1.Peg board – £92.99 // 2.  Cloud Clock – £55.99 // 3.  Lego Storage – £23.99 // 4.  Wall Hooks – £28.99 // 5.  Desk Tidy – £49.99 //  6.  Dog Money Box – £32.99 // 7. Ceramic Cactus – £22.99 // 8.  Times Table Graphic – £61.99

Disclosure: We are Wayfair Home Experts and this post is part of our home challenge.



  1. We have a homework station, and I always make sure everything is super bright and colorful. It’s one little way to make homework less boring.

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