If you’ve been a reader for a while, you will know my back story about my daily struggles with back pain post birth. So when I was asked by the lovely people at Matalan to share my value of movement… It had to be related to my struggle with SPD.

I thought I would take the opportunity to share this experience on here, because there isn’t all too much out there about SPD and even less for those who continue to suffer post birth. I know I spent 18 months just expecting it to eventually go away on its own… Which it never did.

exercises for SPD

SPD is the medical term for pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy. Usually it goes away after birth (it did first time round for me), however in my second pregnancy (maybe the c-section didn’t help matters) it didn’t. I’ve seen various specialists and physios and the bottom line of it is that I have very little muscle tone and core strength left. I’ve over rested during the pregnancy, due to the pain every move caused, and therefore over compensated using my upper back, which has caused me no end of pain. The only way out of this cycle of pain now is to rebuild from the start, using gentle regular movements… Something which fills me with fear.

exercises for SPD

Now clearly if you are shouting “this is me” at the screen, then please get referred to a specialist at the hospital to rule anything more sinister out. If you’ve done all that, and you find yourself in a similar position then gentle daily movements are the best place to start.

exercises for SPD

I’ve filmed a video with my favourite 3 Pilates moves that are specific to back, core, pelvis and glutes and will gently build up strength, which you can watch below:

Ironically the value of movement in my life is shifting from something I learned to fear, into something that will aid my recovery and give me back my ability to do the little things. Whether that’s picking stuff up off the floor, playing with the girls and maybe even one day I can taking the next step and getting into fitness on a higher level.

exercises for SPD
There are more stories about the value of movement over on the Matalan Hub, or if you would like to get yourself set to begin exercising you can check out the Souluxe fitness range.

exercises for SPD

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Matalan


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