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What’s your best Christmas tradition memory? I remember sitting with an Argos catalogue circling everything I wanted from Santa.  For those Christmases when I was older and there was no longer, ahem, ‘any magic’, I would raid the house months before to see what I could find. Yep, I would even resort to shaking the presents under the tree, even peeling sellotape back, all weeks before the big day.

But, other than the standard cookie and carrot for Santa and Rudolph, I don’t remember any traditions.  Any little family things that were unique to us.  My friends would have their little Christmas traditions.  Little things from new PJ’s, watching certain Christmas films on Christmas Eve or opening a present early.  Don’t get me wrong I had a great time!  This isn’t an X-Factor sob story!  It got me thinking though, about what traditions I want to introduce with my little family.

This year Munch will be 2 and a half years old, so will be able to start making those childhood Christmas memories.  I want to make sure that besides the excitement and the carrot for Rudolph that we have our own little Christmas tradition to carry on through the years.  The fact that she keeps telling me ‘no like Santa’ will not deter me!

Last year I saw many people on Instagram with Elf on The Shelf.  I’m more than a little freaked out by dolls, but this little guy is super cute!  For those who are not familiar, you adopt Elf into your family for the holidays and name him.  The Elf is sent by Santa to oversee the children and report back to Mr Claus whether they have been naughty or nice.  Each night he moves to a new place to survey the next days action, before heading off on Christmas Eve.

What you do with your Elf is up to you!  The ideas are endless.  You can view and share your Elf adventures with us on Pinterest and stay tuned for more Elf on the Shelf sharing fun starting in December!

I love this idea for a Christmas tradition!  Something that Munch can get involved in now, give us a laugh and we can continue for years to come and even pass down.

I love it so much that I have decided to give one away!

Just enter below and 1 lucky winner will receive their very own family Elf on The Shelf.
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Entries close 25th November and Elf will be dispatched Next Day Delivery.



  1. An Exeter Mum Reply

    Precariously dangling upside down from the lounge lights…

  2. Making snow angels in flour on the kitchen floor is a good one 🙂

  3. elaine mcGhee Reply

    You know I have absolutely no idea Im not imaginative at all so I suppose I better start trying for this wee ones future christmases!

  4. Tucked in that day’s advent calendar bag with a half eaten chocolate.

  5. Hannah Bee Griffin Reply

    Inside my little boys RC tractor at Christmas, before he knows it’s RC he will think that the elf is driving it heeehe

  6. Lorraine Stone Reply

    In a shoe, with the laces like reins!

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  7. paula stephens Reply

    trying to be a fairy by waving my stick as wand in the air and smashing the light mum was not impressed.

  8. On the top of the door so when ‘Grandad’ comes in on Xmas day it falls off landing on his head giving his grandkids much merriment

  9. Clutching the remote, that is the first thing my son goes for in the morning

  10. Love this! I’ll have to get thinking but maybe precariously climbing the blinds in the living room 🙂

  11. Gemma m Williams Reply

    Inside the cereal box with hole cut out to spy through x

  12. Peeking over the top of the curtain pole in my little girls room 🙂

  13. Lynn Heath Reply

    I would out him on the bathroom shelf – and tell the kids hes watching to tell Santa if they are cleaning their teeth properly!!!

  14. Rachel Craig Reply

    I think I would have to put him on a shelf (elf in shelf) in the fridge. So that whoever was first up in the morning would get a surprise, and maybe we would hear a whoop of delight. At such a cute little fellow guarding our fridge delights (foodstuff).

  15. Id put him behind some books on my bookshelf peeping out from behind the books!

  16. TRACEY HUBER Reply

    sitting on my grandsons bed on christmas eve and tell them Santa has left him to make sure they go to sleep!

  17. Ruth Campbell Reply

    I like the idea of setting him on the fridge shelf occasionally, my youngest is forever poking in there!

  18. Ahh i have no idea! My little boys have been going crazy for this little elf. As soon as i heard the story behind the elf i fell in love with the idea and when i told my boys they sat watching yt videos for ages and have been telling everyone about him and how magic he is. They wrote a letter last night to santa asking if an elf could come stay with us until christmas 🙂 so cute.
    Great giveaway xxx

  19. Joanne Baldwin Reply

    Abseiling down the christmas tree would be pretty cool!

  20. Tracy Newton Reply

    In my newborn god daughters pram, take it out for a walk and see the shock on peoples faces when they ask to see the baby.

  21. Alison Joyce Reply

    In the fridge to look at you accusingly when you open it yet again.

  22. kim neville Reply

    next to my hubby’s bed side drawers – would certainly surprise him first thing

  23. Teresa Sheldon Reply

    Popping out the letterbox to greet all our visitors and the postman so his the 1st to read his elfnews as he gets humpy if someone else reads it before him

  24. Stephanie Whitehouse Reply

    I think it needs to be in the cat basket to do secret survellience

  25. Aww I’ve been wanting one of these for years!!! The kids would absolutely love it! 🙂

  26. in my daughter’s set of drawers…mixing up all the socks! : )

  27. On top of their wardrobe to see & here all the stuff I miss ie who ate the last biscuit, where do the missing socks go , lol


    On Santa’s plate of cookies surrounded by crumbs 🙂


    I would put him on the mirror of my teenage daughters dressing table

  30. Alison Bruce Reply

    He would need to be with me in the kitchen busy making lovely things for Christmas elves and Santa

  31. I think Mr Elf may have to make an appearance on top of any messes that are left for mummy to clean up – just so my 3 year old knows that he is keeping tabs on biscuits down the back of the sofa and so on….

  32. vicky cockett Reply

    On the shelf in the bathroom so you dont see him until you sit down to do your business!!! lol

  33. sitting on the shelf in the workshop to make sure I make all the things I have promised!

  34. In my pocket so I can carry him round with me and he can cheer me up

  35. shelagh milne Reply

    In the bathroom to make sure teeth have been cleaned,then moved to the bedroom to check if toys have been tidied away,and then by the tree to wait for Santa.

  36. Dana Adams Reply

    I really like the idea of putting the Elf in the dishwasher. He could be hanging in there like on a jungle gym waiting for his dishwasher “shower”! Fun fun.

  37. Lucy Mayer Reply

    Peeking out of the top of mummy’s advent calendar (after ripping the doors off and stealing the choccies…)

  38. Phyllis Ellett Reply

    On top of the towns Christmas tree, this year it hasn’t been decorated at all really.

  39. Laura Pyper Reply

    in the sweetie cupboard,he would catch the kids trying too sneak extra treats 😉

  40. Janine Atkin Reply

    in the bathroom to check the boys in the house are not peeing on the toilet seat

  41. Nicola Holland Reply

    Under the duvet….it’s amazing what little boys get up to in bed!

  42. Naomi Buchan Reply

    I think behind the bathroom door so you dont seem him till your sat down x

  43. Debbie Jackson Reply

    sitting on my Blingin! gnome by by front door.. Just to treat the postman 🙂

  44. Claire Redmond Reply

    There are so many great ideas on here! Think I’d maybe go for him riding around on a toy dinosaur or casually chatting to the other dolls around the water cooler (or more likely the water bottle).

  45. Stefan Pearson Reply

    In the bath – might encourage my daughter not to scream when we try to bath her

  46. Kristy Leanne Brown Reply

    I would hide him in Nana’s bathroom on Xmas Eve, looking into a nice Jacuzzi full of bubbles (the sink)

  47. Jacqueline Roberts Reply

    I would put him in the biscuit tin and frighten the person who keeps nicking all the biccies

  48. jodie harvey Reply

    i think he would be fab in the bathroom holding the loo roll. or kitchen with the kitchenroll 🙂

  49. In the bird bath – that would confuse the hell out of the cat! 😉

  50. josie ryan Reply

    I would out it on the edge of my fireplace along with my reindeer and santa x too cute 🙂

  51. sian thomas Reply

    there are a few places i’d put him, might move him around to freak some of my uni house mates… the first place Elf would travel is to the bathroom, when you share the bathroom with as many people as i do, you might as well get a giggle once in a while, i’d sit him on the toilet roll holder so when they reach to get the loo roll a nice little elf will make them jump (not cruel, just a uni prank) 😛

    The other place elf would travel to is the tea bag box, it sits in a cupboard hidden away so when my house mates go to grab one, little elf is there again…

  52. Joanne Pilkington Reply

    In the bathroom, checking my little boy and other half has put the toilet seat down.

  53. natalee gosiewski Reply

    i have not got anywhere funny but i think the elf would look fab on my dressing table cheer me up every morning so i can get in the spirit of xmas everyday and spread the xmas cheer

  54. Guarding the treat cupboard! I’m sure things would not vanish if Santa had his elf watching it!!

  55. Champaklal Lad Reply

    Hanging upside down on the frame of the window, so nosey people looking in get a fright

  56. Leigh Larkin Reply

    In a bowl of Cornflakes – it’s hungry work back and forth to the North Pole you know!

  57. The funniest place I would leave our elf would be in the kitchen surround by the remains of a gingerbread men making session

  58. Would have to be next to me in bed – make sure my OH behaves 😉 x

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