With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all spending a little bit more here and there. Forgotten secret Santa’s… A present for the neighbours dog… Oh and does anyone else get tricked into buying way more food that they actually need, because who can resist miniature versions of our dinner favourites?! These little extras all add up and in order to subsidise the spend I have teamed up with Shepherds Friendly to see just how much I can save in the coming 4 weeks, using their Christmas saving challenge chart.

I’m all set with my online banking, a pen and notepad and the trusty Christmas Savings Chart to keep track of how much I’m saving week to week.

The challenge starts tomorrow and for my first challenge, I’m going to be cutting out the extra spends. I think that will be a nice one to start with. I know I’m bad for buying coffee when I’m out and I’m pretty sure I’ll be shocked at just how much it adds up to over the course of a week. For the next 3 weeks of challenges I’m going to:

  • Week 2: Give up takeaway lunches and dinners (preparing lunch at home).
  • Week 3: Compare Christmas present prices across all retailers before buying.
  • Week 4: Any online purchases will be done through Top Cashback.

Pop back at the end of the challenge to see how I get on!

Chrsitmas Savings Challenge

If you fancy joining in with the challenge then you can download your own Christmas Savings Challenge Chart.


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