Getting organised is the chink in my armour on a daily basis.  It’s a constant bug bear and frustration every time I forget something, can’t find something, or spend less time doing the one thing I actually wanted to be doing.  However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s a full house now, so I need to be more on my A game when it comes to being more organised in 2018.

There’s always been excuse after excuse as to why we have trundled along the way we have.  It was suffering through pregnancy conditions, recovery post birth, renovations, or just plain exhaustion… But this year it stops.

You can probably sense just how disappointed I am at myself in how I’ve ‘let this happen’ and get so out of control, but I’m focussing on the positives and I’m starting this year with a fresh head, fresh drive and every saving grace… A LIST!

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