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Well I say it everytime, but I really can’t believe I’m sat rounding up our month again!  I guess that’s the downside of this!  Anyway, here we are staring at another new month and a whole lot of adventures and milestones ahead of us, so time to summerise our little goings ons from September.

Life With… The Family

Well by the time this goes live, it’ll be the day before MM’s 2nd Birthday!  It goes without saying that I can’t beleive how quickly that time has just flown by.  I got caught up looking at baby photos the other day (as you do!) and how we are the parents of a 6 and 2 year old is beyond me! It’s been an honour to watch this little pudding grow up.  She is really starting to show her personality now.  Initially she went for the full on rebel persona, but she has been guided by her kind hearted sister and is turning out to be a little sweetie pie.  The cheek in her is still there and I love that she can make any of us cry with laughter.  It’s like she was pre programmed to know the kind of inane stuff that gets us in stitches.

I should also apologise for the photo effort.  As you can tell, this was a last minute photo as Hubs was jetting off to Dubai the next day.  I’m assured 40C in a suit is not fun (the jury is out!), but as I type this he is back.  We are taking the windswept look oh so seriously in this session… Oh and the sun is in the wrong place and well… Total photo fail, but to heck with it.  It’s as real as it gets!

Liv has settled in exceptionally well in Primary 2 and came home with a coveted gold sticker, as her and her little chums had gone to the heads office to recite their times tables.  Super cute!  It takes my breath away when she picks things up and starts reading them.  No one tells you about that learning curve.  I’m already feeling like a spare part!

Work has been busy! Forever chasing the balance!  I’m managing to stick to my ‘no work after 7pm or the weekend’ rule (Instagram doesn’t count!)

Life With… The House

I had a bit of an emotional moment last month over the house and the lack of progress, but I’ve been making myself feel better by writing lists.  Is that anyone elses go to?  Probably clambering onto any little bit of control I can get!

How lighting can change a room

I’ve been finishing off little odds and ends, like the guest room (which was missing lighting) and decorating the top of our Ikea Besta units in the family room (still too black and white!), which I did a video on (if that’s what you’re into).

The flooring for the living room is paid and booked in, so we have a goal to work towards.  I’m all about the colour scheme and decor planning at the moment, which is the real fun bit.

I’m having a dilema between pink or green tones, maybe even a dark blue.  But I keep changing my mind because we are yet to pick a colour for the family room (which is monochrome and sad looking at the moment).


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