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After writing down MM’s birth story, I thought it was only fair to finally post Munch’s.  A few people asked what had happened with this birth, as I’d referred to it a few times in MM’s story.  This was something I wrote shortly after Munch’s birth, but never posted it on the blog until now.

I was terrified of giving birth…petrified in fact. I was never one who wanted the ‘Blue Peter’ badge of doing it without pain relief or doing it naturally. I was quite prepared to take anything and everything to get baby out safely and as pain free as possible, that was enough for me.

Having suffered with SPD, I was admitted at 37 weeks for an induction.  I spent the morning of my induction doing all the things expectant mother don’t get the chance to do (or particularly care about!). I washed and dried my hair, saw to my nails etc. It also gave me time to reflect that I was going to be a mummy soon.

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