What are the best Internet options for country living?  Well, as you will probably know, we live in the countryside in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and struggle with a very slow ADSL BT broadband connection of 1.2mbps download.  We’re not alone.  We are one of the forgotten 4% (which amounts to 1.1 million homes) that can’t access internet speeds over 10mbps. You see home internet in rural areas is one of the hardest and costly to serve for internet service providers, so it hasn’t always made the best business sense for them.  Thankfully the Government has stepped in (at least in Scotland) and made a pledge to serve 100% of homes with super fast internet (classed as 24mbps download) by 2020 and so far they’re on target.

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Being well and truly in my mid thirties is a rather terrifying thought.  I think it’s the same for any decade… That mid way point to the next…

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