This might seem odd for someone who puts their life on the internet, but I’ve always struggled with confidence.  I spend my life avoiding having to go places on my own… I love familiar things, people I know, places I’ve been before and Internet shopping has been a God send.  You might think that writing blogs, posting instagram pictures or even having a YouTube channel says otherwise, but even in this I have built up confidence over a period of time.  I started off with a private Instagram account… I don’t vlog about anything horrifically personal and well it’s easy to sit behind a computer screen and tap away at a keyboard.  Blogging events on the other hand… Eek!  I even spoke on a panel at one once… Well I maybe said a few words, the other 3 amazing ladies propped me up! One thing I do is push myself hard to do these things, because I do want to push the boundaries.

What to do in london kid free

Being well and truly in my mid thirties is a rather terrifying thought.  I think it’s the same for any decade… That mid way point to the next…

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