In a week where I felt Baby Button move for the first time, we are also finishing off the rooms we started and these will be ready for reveals soon (it’s amazing how much nik naks cost!)

Today also sees the election result and whilst you may well think you are done voting, remember the BIBS and MADS voting is still open and I would love, love, love your support in the MADS category ‘Homes & Interiors’, if you feel I’m worthy!


This weeks Blog Lovin I’ve been catching up on my regular blog reads and looking to add more.  This week has seen many of my regular reads be shortlisted for the BIBS, namely Lets Talk Mommy, Life at the Littlewood and My Two Mums, so if you have yet to vote, do bear them in mind.


My little girl sprout again. She is turning into quite the little person and I can’t believe she will be 4 years old when baby arrives.

little loves watched 080515


I listen to Magic on the commute to work and they do a ‘guess the year’ segment.  Hearing a song you haven’t heard for decades brings back so many childhood memories.  I love it!


Bank Holiday memories! We joined the National Trust on Monday and made the most of the 1 day amazing weather at Crathes Castle.  We spent a good few hours exploring the grounds, spotting the princesses and playing in the new playground.

little loves made 080515

little loves made 1 080515


Standing in for me again, we have Munch wearing a rabbit dress from Next and Boots from Matalan.

little loves wore 1 080515

And lastly..

Hopefully you have managed to take a peek at Eat Your Heart Out last week and I’ve love to hear any feedback now that it’s been live for a week.

little loves lastly 1 010515









  1. Oh Munch is just so cute. When you said ‘nik naks’ at the beginning I thought “what have crisps got to do with it?!” hehe. YAY for baby movements! x

  2. Another Bun Reply

    Monday was beautiful wasn’t it? We love Crathes Castle too. Hope you have a great weekend x

  3. Your lovely girl looks so sweet, that dress is fab. I love a good NT property, glad the weather was nice for you 🙂 hope you have a great weekend xx

  4. Yeah for baby movements, it’s the best feeling and so reassuring! It all gets very real when you feel those flutters! Little Munch is so cute! Looks like ye had a lovely day out! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  5. I love a food blog so have added Eat Your Heart Out to feedly so I can see all your new posts. Yay for baby movements, I loved feeling those first flutters. If I was back home enough I’d definitely get a National Trust membership, I love castles and stately homes as I’m a bit of a history geek. Have a great weekend! x

  6. You got my vote in homes and interiors lovely- I love your blog as you know and have done from the start. And congrats on the new blog too, off to have a look now. x

    • Omg that means so much and made me cry! Sometimes it feels no one reads what you post, so a comment like that is priceless xx

  7. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    Aww baby squirms and lots of other lovely things this week! You are looking so fab lovely lady – where are you hiding that wee bump?? 🙂 The very best of luck with MADS. I haven’t mentioned it at all as feel a bit bad after BiBs! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you pet! Xxx

    • Bump is huge now! Thanks love, I need it! I don’t think you need to ask for votes. I on the other hand need to beg, steal and borrow! XX

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