Living in a heavy oil and gas based City, engineering is something that is at the forefront of most people’s mind in one capacity or another. However, I grew up in central Scotland and I never knew that World at all, until I moved up here. Engineering is something I think most children in Aberdeen will grow up with some sort of understanding about. Yet, there is so much more to engineering and STEM subjects than the stereotypical.

Science is a subject that Liv (and a few of her friends) have a genuine interest in, so when we were asked to promote the Year of Engineering, we jumped at the chance! In a modern World, STEM subjects are needed to ensure future generations have the skills to take on careers and be the people who do everything from putting the bubbles in chocolate bars, to putting someone into space.

To show the fun and engaging way that engineering fits into our lives, the Government have teamed up with Marvel in a campaign called “More Heroes Needed”, where young children can take an online test and see what characteristics they share with their favourite Super Heroes well as real life engineers. The online test is full of questions and fun problem solving exercises to identify what Super Hero you are most like (Liv got Iron Man).

Liv really enjoyed the problem solving exercises, I was actually quite surprised at how well she did and I’ll be sure to give her more puzzles in the future! The challenge brought about the conversation about what she wanted to be when she grows up and how important STEM subjects are to lots of different jobs.

It’s important that our children are aware of all the different careers that are open to them and what subjects make up the skills required to do that later in life. Sometimes STEM subjects are at the heart of those and it’s about breaking the stereotypes of engineering and embedding a positive perception of engineering at an early age and showing the fun and engaging way that engineering impacts our daily life.

If you want to try the test for yourself, visit the More Heroes Needed page, or as a parent you can visit the Year of Engineering Resource Zone, where there are loads of different experiments you can watch and even try yourself. It makes for a different activity on the weekends!

I’d love for you to share the results of your online tests with me. You can share your Super Hero results across all social media by using the tag #MoreHeroesNeeded.


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