Ok yes, I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little with this one.  It’s something that has been flourishing my social feeds since the first mention of “bikini ready” adorned the magazine shelves and I for one am delighted that a light continues to be shone on this topic.  I’m not one for sticking my head above the wall for such topical news, but this one really sticks with me.

It took the lovely Molly Forbes to make me realise during the hottest day of the year, “stuff this” and pop on a pair of shorts and I’m glad I did! I can also see the huge ripple effect she’s had on so many other people, all over the world and I love having these inspiring people surrounding me and keeping me in check.

I’ve never been body confident… Hark says the girl who spent most of her young life as a size 8 (what does she possibly have to complain about?!). But I hated it!  I wore 15 pairs of tights to school in the hope that my legs might look a little more like everyone else. And now that I’ve had 2 kids and a bit wobbly around the middle… I’d kill to be that shape again.  I’m also old enough to realise, that in my forties, I’ll wish I had the body I have now in my thirties.  What’s that about?!

You see it’s because body shaming, whether it comes from others or yourself, has no size limit… Tall or short… Big or small, people still get a light shone on them for being too “something”. Whether it’s big boobs, no boobs… big butt, no butt… You literally cannot win. So what do you do if you can’t win… Learn to find happiness in your own skin.  Don’t be that sweaty mess on the hottest day of the year… Don’t cover up just because you haven’t fake tanned yet… be comfortable!

If people are going to judge you for being too pale, fat, thin, or for having a slightly bent big toe, then are they really that important to you?  I know the one thing I always notice about someone and that is how big their smile is on their face.  That’s the person I want to spend time with… So be more like that person.




  1. I’m so happy that you found some confidence, you look lovely Pam. I think it is about the mindset but also realising that if you’re not happy with something you can do something about it. I think you look fab Pam x
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