Those of you not in the blogging world may struggle to wonder just what a blog actually is and why I even bother to do it in the first place… Well, this little online space started back in 2013 as somewhere to share my favourite things… From family moments, to my home obsession and since then our house renovation.  I think of it as a modern day scrapbook or a memory box.  I have monthly posts of our family life, where not only can I look back and see how much they have grown up, but I have context and video.  I mark down the thoughts, worries and feelings associated with each.  It’s an outlet for all my passions too, such as my favourite homes and interiors trends, as well as some amazing discoveries (because I love a bargain!).  Not only that, but it’s connected me to a community of like minded, amazing people, who I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

This little space has grown so much over the years and even become ‘my job’, which sounds a bit odd because I never thought that would ever be the case.  I certainly never thought that my blog would ever be recognised enough to be shortlisted for an award… but this week that unbelieveable thing came true and I can’t thank you enough! The Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards is an annual event where bloggers all over the country are nominated and shortlisted across a range of categories, from family, photography, video, inspiration and the category I’ve been shortlisted in design and crafts (the home interiors category).  To say I’m thrilled is a complete understatement.

Anyone who knows me will know that sharing this little slice of success, is hard.  I’m not one for recognising any achievements I make or blowing my own trumpet, but I’m giving this a toot because well… wow… just wow!

Voting For #BiBs2017

Second cringe of the post… Voting for BiBs 2017 is open until the 2nd of July ’17 and I would be honoured if you could squeeze out a little bit of extra support and vote for Life With Munchers in the design category and maybe that finalist badge could turn into an award.


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