It’s time for another Bloggers’ Homes post… The monthly homes & interiors blog & vlog link up!

Thank you to everyone who linked up in May’s Bloggers’ Homes (scroll down to see the winner!).  I feel like letting off a little party popper each month, because I love getting to delve into your inspiring homes projects every time and everytime someone tweets, instagrams and links up, I do a little Joey from friends dance.  It’s such a great little community of home & interiors enthusiasts and I just adore it!

This month we are featuring a a room from the beautiful Caro, who blogs over at The Twinkle Diaries (and also co-hosts the weekly homes link up Home Etc… check it out!).  Caro made over her dining room in her gorgeous country home, complete with wicker seated chair update and I adore the transformation.

What do you love most about the room?

The Twinkle Diaries Bloggers Homes

I love how quirky it is. There aren’t many people that have a tree trunk holding up the ceiling in their home — but I guess that’s how they did things in the 17th century!

The Twinkle Diaries Bloggers Homes

I love the light too. It’s almost quintuple aspect, in that it has windows on two opposite sides — and doors on the other two sides that are always open and let in lots of light — plus a stairwell which casts natural light from above too.

The Twinkle Diaries Bloggers Homes

It’s not bright light — but soft and ambient — and the room always feels really serene and welcoming.

Oh, and I love the fireplace. It has a woodburning stove that really belts out the heat on a cold winter’s day.

The Twinkle Diaries Bloggers Homes

What would you do differently, if anything?

If we had the money I’d like to lay Yorkstone flooring.

The Twinkle Diaries Bloggers Homes

The front door of our cottage has a little vestibule that opens straight into the room and, as a result, it gets used as a rat run from the door to the kitchen. It would be fab to have a really hardwearing floor, as it’s such a high traffic area.

Plus it would be lovely to lay the kind of flooring that once would have been in there.

And what room is next in your list?

Our kitchen is next on the list and already underway.

We’ve been living with the same old inherited decor since we bought the house 6 years ago and have decided that enough is enough. I can’t stand it anymore!!

We don’t have a huge budget; it’s really going to be a quick fix as we plan to extend the ground floor in a year or so.

We’ve already started painting and I pulled all the old tiles off the wall last weekend and have replaced them with some we had left over from another project.

We’ll update the tired old worktop and floor too and I’ll spray the units. It will tide us over until we can afford to do it all properly.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that there’s no point waiting! If you don’t like something, fix it.

Pinterest is a mine of inspiration and there are so many amazing budget options these days. You can change the look and feel of a room so cheaply with just a little bit imagination.


Country Chic Dining Room Decor

1.Rustic Dining Chairs – Ikea £35 // 2.  White fisherman style wall light – Laura Ashley £43 (sale) // 3.  Blue vase – Oliver Bonas £20 // 4.  Rustic Kitchen Table – Loaf £645 // 5.  Patterned Rug – H&M £59.99 // 6.  Checked seat cushions – Laura Ashley – £14 (sale) // 7. Jute table mat – H&M £6.99 // 8.  Faux Flowers – Rockett St George £11


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Life With Munchers

The winner of last months Bloggers’ Homes link up is….Louise (A Strong Coffee) who was 7th in the link up…congratulations!



  1. Wow, I adore the tree trunk in the middle of the room! What a gorgeous, quirky house and with some much fresh white, it makes me want to redecorate my whole house!

  2. I love Caro’s home, it always invites you in pictures. I can’t wait to see her Kitchen project.

  3. I’d love a tree trunk in our house but fear the dogs would eat it! It’s such a lovely bright space, it looks great. I would really like a country house like Caro’s.

  4. I’d be worried about the beam sucking all the light from the room, but it doesn’t at all! It looks so light and airy, yet cosy at the same time.

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