This weeks Bloggers Homes is by the lovely Kara from Innocent Charmer Chats (facebook, twitter), who has a new abode and will be showing us round the bedroom her 2 littlest share.  Over to Kara.

Addison (3) and Deacon (1) share a bedroom, we moved to our current home 3 months ago and knew it had to serve as a play area and bedroom. It had to work for both genders and personalities, we are halfway there I think.

What do you love most about the room?

Size and Location

Kids bedroom

When we moved to this house we knew we would be loosing our playroom so it was crucial their bedroom was large enough to house all their toys as well as being a place to sleep. We actually gave the kids the Master Bedroom which is situated next door to the Living Room (we live in a townhouse) so it is large and means whilst we care for their brother they can play right next door.

On The Walls

As we rent decorating is not possible but that does not stop me making it reflect them, we love art in our house so it was imperative for them to have some. We have just started their “Gallery” as Addison calls it, we plan on it filling the walls, we support friends who are Artists so many of the pieces are hand drawn, I allow Addison to pick pieces she likes, so of course they are all animal based. Deacon also has a gorgeous clown, as he is a cheeky one. We frame them using bright colours as I think it works well for a Unisex bedroom.

   Kids bedroom

Addison also has her own little printers tray to display her treasures, she loves playing with them and then it works well at brightening up wall space.Kids bedroom

The name stickers we bought for the old house when they had a star theme, but I think they work well in the room defining their own little areas, plus as a child who had an unusual name I always wanted my name up and I am sure they are no different.

Little Treasures

I think it is important for a child’s personality to shine through, I love having their shelves to show off little treasures they have been given or made. Addison’s little ceramic dog she painted herself whilst on holiday last year. They also have many little pieces that have passed down through our family including my Beatrix Potter.Kids bedroom

What would you do differently?

So so much, as I said we rent so decorating is a no-no, if I had a choice the room would be predominately white (light grey currently) with a feature wall probably some awesome wallpaper. We have no choice as to light fittings or curtains, neither of which are child friendly or to my taste.

The room has been styled for Deacon to have a matching bed to Addison, but currently he is in his Sleepi Cot (which I love) but it means there is a large gap which gets filled with toys and it does not work well for my OCD.

I hate the mass of white Ikea toy storage, it is a necessity but it is not pretty, I would love some retro pieces in the space as I do across the house, but budget is a current problem so that is something that will have to evolve with time.

The room is a little over cluttered for my taste but Addison loves her cuddly toys, half are packed away but I can not deny her love.

Which room is next on the list?

Although we moved over 3 months ago due to minimal budget and busy everyday’s no room is finished, not even the kids, so every room is actually next, I think Grayson’s will be the next I feature on the blog as it only has a few pieces left to do.

I can’t wait to tackle our main bathroom though which is having a Moroccan feel and our Living Room as we have done nothing to that yet.

Get The Look

kids bedroom and play room

1. Wooden stacking rainbow – Born –  £12 2. Handrawn Kids Art – Etsy – £4  3. Stuva storage bench – Ikea – £65  4. Handmade Rag Doll – Etsy – £36.83  5. Star name wall sticker – Ebay – £3.69  6.  Toy storage Trofast – Ikea – from £29



  1. The room looks lovely and you’ve done such a good job of making it feel like it belongs to both of them. Those prints on the walls are beautiful X

    • Thanks so much. I think that is the most important thing making sue it is both of them XX

  2. I just love how bright and colourful Kara’s house, and life, seems. It’s beautiful and fun! x

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