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Third in the series of Bloggers Homes! This week we have the lovely Sarah from Glasgow Mummy giving us a guided tour of her Dining Room/Play Room. So handing over to Sarah for the grand tour (you have to watch the video, if just for the accent and cat!).

I’ve been in my current house for just over a year. At the end of 2013, I downsized from a 5 bedroom traditional mid-terrace with ample storage space to a much smaller 3 bedroom house with very little storage. I had a huge clear-out prior to the move, but despite this I’m still trying to find better storage solutions as my loft is already jam packed!

As part of the Bloggers Home series, I thought I would share with you my dining / playroom, as this is one of the rooms that I’ve finished decorating that I am yet to share fully over on my blog, Glasgow Mummy.

This room really is the heart of my home. We spend most of our time here, crafting at the dining table, snuggling on the sofa watching TV and playing Lego or board games on the coffee table.

Here’s a little YouTube vlog that I prepared earlier 😉

In terms of the colour scheme, I’m a big fan of grey and so of course this was going to feature heavily on the walls. I wanted an accent colour for the recess, and chose a bright green (this was actually the colour that my kitchen was in the old house and so I was being frugal by using up old paint). The artwork also came from the old house, and this dictated the colour scheme to a degree, so my main colours are grey, turquoise, red and green. These are also the colours used in my current kitchen, so the two rooms flow well I think.

Dining Room Tour

Due to my limited budget, I didn’t have much choice for the furniture. The oak cabinet was brought from the old house, as was the turquoise toy box and the red metal chairs. The metal chairs were a great investment and have lasted really well – they are wipeable which is a must when little ones are about! The coffee table was a swap with my sister, and I love that it provides some extra storage space in it’s two huge drawers. The sofa also came from my sister’s house, via one of her friend’s Kelly. I sourced my dining table on Gumtree – a bargain at £45. It’s been fantastic as it can extend out to seat more people.

Glasgow Mummy Play Room Tour

As the room needs to function as a dining room and a playroom, I was keen for there to be storage solutions in place that would allow all the toys to be packed away. You’ll be able to see that I’m a big fan of plastic shoe boxes – these are brilliant at segregating toys in the toy box and coffee table drawers. I also love the Ikea drawers in my cupboard and these were a fab addition to make the best use of the space. I do like to be organised!

What Do You Love Most About The Room?

I couldn’t narrow it down to one thing, so I’ve picked three:

The dining table. We spend a lot of time at this table. As a family we love being creative – the kids & I sit at the table often to make new drawings for the picture wire where we proudly display our artwork. My son does his homework at the table, just like I used to do at my dining table when I was a girl. We also sit at this table as a family for our meals. We’re creating lots of happy memories here.

The fireplace. I love having a feature fireplace. My only wish would be that it was a real fire, or better yet a wood burning stove.

Play Room Tour

My red carnival light star. This was a bargain find at TK Maxx. I swithered over purchasing it, and now I’m really glad that I did.

What Would You Do Differently?

If I could change something about the room, aside from the wood burning stove!, then I would put more light fittings into the room – perhaps some spot lights on the ceiling. It’s a very dark room, which probably isn’t helped by the paint colours I have chosen. In retrospect I should have kept to paler colours, but as I was just using up leftover paint from the old house I was restricted by what was available! One positive about the dark grey paint on the lower half of the walls is that food and paint splatters from our activities at the dining table are not that obvious!

What Room Is Next On Your List?

I still have to paint all three bedrooms… wish me luck! Not sure when I’ll find the time!!

Get The Look

Want to get the Glasgow Mummy look, then here’s how…

Colourful dining room

1. Red Tolix Style Chair – Ebay £69.99 2. Decanter cluster light – Dunelm £49.99 3. Lego figure frame – Etsy £43.57 4.  Turquoise Toy Box – Etsy £165 5. Star lamp – MADE.Com £99 6.  Oak coffee table with storage – Oak furniture land £238

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