Crayons in my mui mui living room tour

In this weeks Bloggers Homes we have the lovely Donna from Crayons in my Mui Mui showing us around her beautifully finished open plan living and play room.  Over to Donna.

What Do You Love Most About The Room?Open plan Living room 2

I love how there are so many different areas that serve a different purpose; within the one space. Whether that be; sitting as a family at the table to enjoying a quiet corner reading, or snuggling up on the sofa near the fire.

Open plan Living room 2

What Would You Do Differently?

I wish we had a slightly lighter floor. The husband was not budging on the dark solid wood floor. I love it when its swept, steamed and no one steps on it. …. in between… it shows every single scratch, mark and scuff…. and the rug….and the curtains. I’m waiting for something to catch my eye with a bit more colour. The Mr. Got bored of waiting for my curtain epiphany. And these were just delivered one day. Project new rug and curtains, is still very much ongoing.Open plan Living room 2

Which Room Is Next On The List?

I’ve recently finished the kids rooms and am already pinning like a mad woman for ideas to tackle our bedroom, it currently is very minimal with a desk at one end. It’s my plan to turn that area into my workspace. Get organised, I’m thinking pops of colour, peg boards, good lighting. I’m excited.

Get The Look

modern Family living room

1. Anorak Kissing Rabbit Cushion – £20 2. Modern Life Lion Print – £18.50  3. Yellow Armchair Habitat – £495  4.  OMM Nesting Toys – £19  5. Meridiana Cuckoo Clock John Lewis – £175  6.  Rockett St George Shoreditch table lamp – £40

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  1. That’s such a lovely room, I really like open plan and the fireplace in the middle is such a great feature x

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