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Having seen this question asked a fair bit recently, I’m continuing on my blog 101 series with blog statistics.  Mainly what to look for and where to find it.

P2P (person to person) marketing is very big right now.  What does that mean for us bloggers?  Well it means more and more brands are looking to engage in blogger outreach programs.  In turn, more and more bloggers will be receiving emails asking for blog stats  Daunting?  Not really…you just need to know where to look.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

There are various tools out there to help measure various blog stats and social insights.  Klout, Kred, Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics all are fairly straight forward, but for me the 1 thing I can’t live without is google analytics.

If you don’t already have google analytics set up for your blog, then get it!

Don’t let google analytics have you running for the hills (especially with new universal tracking and google tag manager…eek!).  Yes, I’m guilty of spending my entire life on it, analysing, reporting and setting goals.  But as a blogger, what statistics do I really need to be aware of?

What Blog Statistics Do I Need To Give?

With a vast range of blog statistics available, I spoke with Lisa from Bump PR to find out exactly what they look for when reaching out to bloggers.

The bumpPR team loves working with bloggers and have had a lot of enjoyment building relationships with many of the mummy bloggers through mini projects, ambassador work and ongoing reviews.

Lisa continues “We always like to have a good picture of who is reading the blog and of course how many, unique visitors per month is key for us, but it is also interesting to know how long they are staying on the blog. It is great to understand what posts are most popular on the blog and we are certainly keen to know what social media platforms the blogger interacts on and how successful this has been.”

Who Is Reading The Blog:

Google Analytics will tell you alot about who is reading your blog.  Right down to age range, gender and even their interests.  This is really important for media packs.  You can find this in the reporting section under ‘Audience’.Who is reading my blog

Unique Visitors Per Month:

This statistic can also be found within the ‘Audience’ section, on the overview.  Note that sessions=visitors and users=unique visitors:

How many unique visitors blog stats

How Long They Stay On The Blog:

This helps you understand the level of engagement your readers have on your blog.  Do they stay a while, read a few posts, or hop on and off?  As you can see from the above image, this can also be found in Audience overview.

My average site duration is just over a minute.  People on average read 1.49 pages and bounce rate is over 78%.  What does that mean?  Well all three go hand in hand.  Bounce rate is defined in simple terms is ‘percentage of people who only read one page’ and then ‘bounce’ back off the site.

As you can see I could improve my engagement with readers, by making them continue to read other posts, reducing my bounce rate and in turn improving my duration and pages per visit score. Then again…is it the nature of blog readers to hit and run?  I know I do.

Which Posts Are Most Popular:

Most of you will turn again to your blog platform for this information.  This can also be found on google analytics, this time under the behavior content section. Note that ‘/’ will be your home page.

How do I find out which blog posts are popular

How successful are my social platforms:

As a blogger, we are probably very guilty of spending our entire life tweeting, commenting  and posting across every platform there is and loving it! But, if asked where do we find out how successful we are?  There are a number of social influence tools our there, Klout, Kred, ebuzzing (to name a few) which will measure your scale of influence online.  So make sure if you are informing PR companies of your follower numbers, that you also include these scores (as well as any Tots100, Foodies100, Hibs100 or equivalent positions)

But most social platforms also provide you with demographics and engagement data about your followers, so be sure to shout about these too.

I could go on and on about statistics.  I really am a massive fan of over analysing.

If your numbers aren’t high, should you hide from PR companies?  Not at all!

So yes in a big pond of successful bloggers, you may feel like a very small fish (I know I do!) PR Companies may ask for blog statistics, but they aren’t the be all and end all.  Lisa from Bump PR explains

“It is not all about the stats though, we also like to read the bloggers previous posts and get a feel for their writing style and the look and feel of the blog itself. We certainly love a blog with lots of lovely imagery and like it when we see a blogger has taken their own images as well as using those provided by the PR or brand. We are always on the lookout for up and coming blogs so if we spot one we really like then we have been known to take a punt in the hope they are growing, this has always worked well!”

So now you know how to find those all important numbers, be confident and reply to those emails full of gusto and stand out from the crowd.



  1. Keri Jones Reply

    I’m not a blogger but I found this quite interesting. It’s good to know that (some) companies aren’t always after blogs with a huge/constant following. Sometimes I will spend all day reading blogs, others I will scan the emails I get and that’s it.
    I hope more companies follow suit x

  2. Great post! I have worried about getting google analytics but having read this, I’m definitely going to do it! X

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