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As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a somewhat obsessive organised streak within me.  I guess it started with studying at school in the 90’s.  Then ofcourse the TV series Friends was aired in the UK and Monica became my idol; the queen of being organised.

When I left home and bought my first flat, I didn’t care that you could barely swing a cat in it. It was mine, my own space and I treasured it.  My job in marketing required list upon list and was/is very deadline orientated.  After putting a day in at work, I would come home and not allow myself to sit down until I had cleaned the place from top to bottom (which didn’t take long at all!).

Back then, I only had myself to cater and care for.  It was very easy to be on top of everything at home and at work.  I have never felt so completely clear minded and on my A game since!

When I moved in with my now husband, it took me a while to get into my groove.  I found it incredibly frustrating when things weren’t exactly where I left them, or rooms weren’t as I’d left them.  It was a bitter pill to swallow and the affect it had on how I felt day to day was very showing.  But at this point, it was still manageable.

Fast forward to now.  A busy working mother and lifestyle blogger, I don’t have much spare time.  I also have a little 2 year old moving things about and an even bigger place to clean.  To say the room doesn’t look the same as I’d left it is a complete understatement.  It can at times look like a bomb has hit it!

My mind is never settled or clear now.  I doubt any mothers is!  It now overspills and I feel constantly defeated when it comes to home organisation and cleanliness.  I’ve had to become accepting of how things are and focus on what is realistic to our family situation.  I want to make sure I enjoy life and not spent it entirely settling my mind.

That being said, I usually take haven in the tidiest room in the house.  I also feel like I’ve won a war when I organise another space in our lives, such as drawer organising and the under the stairs toy cupboard.  Like I’ve regained a little control back.

I may well be pushing water uphill, but I will feel in control again.

So join me in my quest as I organise more spaces around the home this year and get ever closer to regaining my Monica crown.



  1. Definitely not just you! I chuckled to myself as I read it as it’s exactly how I feel.

    This year I am determined to get our house less cluttered and more organised…. January saw me complete decluttering and organising the kitchen so on to next room now

    I will have an organised house (sometimes!)
    Kerry recently posted…Time to stop slackingMy Profile

  2. I can totally relate to feeling like you’re on your A game when everything is clean and organised! I am hyper organised too, it can be detrimental at times though haha. Good luck getting back in youch with your inner Monica!
    Suzy Marie recently posted…A Virtual KissMy Profile

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  4. unorganised mum Reply

    Well i always watched friends as well and monica was my idol too but some how none of the organisation was picked up – i love how some mums are so organised can keep up with everything especially love those brightly coloured journals.
    I also keep up with everything but only when its last minute, my todo list grows faster than my kids and every room is a tidy mess (thats what i like to call it)

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