Choosing the right BBQ

With the nice weather threatening us in the North East of Scotland, it’s almost time to dust off the BBQ and make the most of it.

Two years ago we invested in a gas BBQ.  It was all singing all dancing and although still in good condition, despite the odd rainy night, we are looking to supplement it with a new one. BBQ season for us, consists of the large parties, where one BBQ just isn’t enough. As well as quick family weekend BBQ, when you just want to grab a burger for dinner.

With that in mind, what choices do we have?

Gas Vs Coal

We have had both gas BBQs and coal BBQs in the past and although the gas fired BBQs are quick off the mark, requiring little preparation (perfect for those quick burger occasions), we find the overall BBQ experience a bit lacking.  So this year, despite the extra effort required in prepping and cleaning, we will be looking for a coal fired BBQ.

To add to the experience for our quick gas BBQ nights, we are going to invest in some smoking chips, to give that extra BBQ taste to the food.  I have many memories of smoking well fired BBQ food from my childhood and I guess that has a part to play in our BBQ demands.

What Size?

As we are looking to get an additional BBQ for size reasons, we are looking to get quite a good sized cooking area.  Our gas BBQ has warming areas and ever a little hob style plate, so we will be keeping things quite traditional for our next BBQ and going to sheer cooking area size.  We really like the idea of a half barrel style BBQ.

Coal BBQ

These half barrel BBQs are from Homebase ranging between £59.00-£199.99

Lid or No Lid

You’ll notice that we are looking at both lidded and non lidded BBQs.  The lids give you the added option of using the BBQ as an oven, for cooking bigger joints of meat.  They also serve as weather protection, if you are ever guilty of leaving your BBQ out in the rain.  However if you just like to grill your food and know that you will be storing when not in use, then a non lidded option could be for you.

So what do you look for in a BBQ? Are you a gas or coal type person, or can you not tell the difference?

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  1. We use coal barbecues, in fact, we used to have the silver steel one in the right hand side of your image! Going to buy a half barrel one and a tiny bucket one for the odd burgers, this weekend!

    • There are so many options these days. I think it’s great that they are so much more affordable. So now you can have more than one. Or change each summer.

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