We all want to keep our family safe. To help you to do exactly that, we have put together this bathroom safety tips page. Surprisingly, quite a few accidents happen in this room, so it is well worth your while reading on.

Get rid of trip and slip hazards

Falls are one of the most common home accidents. Usually, they occur not because someone is unsure on their feet, but because they trip over something.

The bathroom is full of this type of hazard. If you must have rugs and bathmats it is important to make sure that, they stay in place, and do not create a trip hazard. It is a good idea to add non-slip strips to the back of bathmats, so they do not move when you get out of the bath, shower enclosures. It is also worth considering buying a non-slip mat for your bath and shower.

Install adequate lighting

You need to install good lighting, so that you can see what you are doing when you need to. However, do not forget that there will be times when you will want to dim the light, so that you can lay back and relax completely while in the bath.

Be careful with candles

Whilst we are on the subject of enjoying a nice relaxing bath, we really need to talk about candles. People love nothing better than enjoying laying back in a warm bath surrounded by flickering candles.

It really is a wonderful experience, but you need to be careful when using candles, even in a bathroom. Ever year, someone’s house burns down because they left candles burning unattended in the bathroom. Sometimes it is because they have burned down and set the surface they are sitting on a light.

Occasionally fires occur when candles that are floating in the water settle against the side of a plastic bath and melt it. Once that happens, the lit candle can drop through and set the wooden frame that holds the bath in place a light.

You also need to be careful about where you buy your scented candles. Sadly, there are some unscrupulous people out there selling candles that give off toxins, when burnt. As you can see from this story these fumes have caused some people have pass out, and drown.

Consider installing grab rails and a shower seat

If members of your household are starting to become unsteady on their feet installing grab rails by the bath, and in the shower is a very good idea. Studies show that using these greatly reduces the risk of slipping while getting in or out of a shower or bath.

It is also worth installing a seat in the shower for family members who are not very steady on their feet to use. These specialist seats greatly reduce the chance of slipping over while showering. They do not cost much, and are very easy to install. If you opt for a fold up version, everyone will be happy, and be able to enjoy using the shower.


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