Apologies for using the same background, but I’m that immobile now, that I can’t seek out cool backgrounds.  Trusty house wall it is for the foreseeable!

This week I turned 32 weeks pregnant. This means I have 2 more weeks until I find out my section date.  Although I’ve been informed by a fellow Aberdonian that you get given a week, not a day and they call you the week before with a day and slot.  Obviously it all depends on emergencies situations on the day itself, but lord knows why they can’t give you a date at 34 weeks.

This week has been a whirlwind of bedridden boredom.  Daytime tv really is the pits!  I thankfully have my little bump to keep me company and I get regular kicks to remind me that she is still there.  I’m getting quite big now and it’s becoming even more difficult to get around.  I can’t even sit in a chair without paying for it later.

Munch is still super excited and regularly cuddles and kisses bump and she can even see my stomach doing what I can only describe as a mexican wave when bump is feeling active.

The nursery is taking shape and I will need to reveal when it’s finished…so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

That’s it for this fortnight.  I’ll be back at 34 weeks with another update, although I’m not sure how long I can keep going with them!



  1. Zoe Alicia Reply

    A Napa Cabbage? Eeek they get so big so fast! Lovely post. Best of luck dear x

  2. I had to google a napa cabbage as I had no idea what that was then saw a picture and realised we call it chinese cabbage in Zambia. Only a few more weeks to go and I hope you have a c-section date soon.

  3. Wow, not long at all till you meet your beautiful bundle of joy!! Pregnancy seems to fly by so quick!

  4. Ahhh! I think waiting for the date so late is a good thing, keeps you on your toes and also keeps it as close to a natural birth as possible don’t you think? Mind you, the anticipation is like no other so don’t blame you for wanting the date sooner!!

  5. What a lovely post, you’ll be able to show baby these when he or she is a bit older. Really lovely to look back on.

  6. Another Bun Reply

    I got given an actual date at 37 weeks and my chum last week got an actual date for AMH at 34 weeks as well, so I can’t see why you wouldn’t too 🙂

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