I can’t seem to keep up with these updates!  I’m actually 31 weeks, so I’ll need to be a good blogger and post my 32 weeks update on time.

It’s been an eventful 2 weeks!  Having been given crutches for SPD, I had to start my maternity leave earlier than I wanted.  I now have a rather long wait ahead of me before baby girl arrives.  I also made a total boob with my prescription, which left me short of anti sickness meds…that was not a fun 2 days!

But enough about me…bump has been especially wriggly.  She is very low down compared to Munch, who was kicking me in the ribs about now.  Munch’s excitement continues to grow and it’s so sweet to watch her kiss, cuddle and draw bump.  She even included bump in her family tree painting at nursery.  We can proper see elbows and work out which way she is lying.  Hard to believe she has got to find room for another 8 weeks!

In just over 3 weeks time, I will have my c-section consultation and be given a date.  I’ve heard that they take you between 39-40 weeks, so right now that’s only 7 weeks away!  I’m completely terrified about the section and this week have taken great relief from other bloggers section posts and advice on what to expect.  Some of my greatest worries are not being able to tend to my own baby, as I won’t be able to lift her.  I know I can buzz the nurses at night, but what if it’s non stop? So I hope my stay is short so I can get back home and have the support of Mr M who I know won’t be judging me.  Another is my clean freak streak..I can’t think of a more unhygienic situation than 6 post birth females sharing 1 toilet and shower.  I, by luck, had my own room first time around.

I’m happy to hear from anyone who has written a c-section post or who has any advice on what to expect on the day and during recovery, so please feel free to leave these in the comments below.

I promise to be back next week with my 32 week post!




  1. You have such a lovely little bump. I know it probably doesn’t feel little to you but next to mine it is and I’m only 17 weeks 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear it’s been rough for you. Its all worth it in the end.
    I’m terrified of having a c-section (and I don’t even know if I need one) I just know I’d feel the same as you. I hope it goes all well for you and your little girl x

  2. You are doing better than me with the updates! I am also 31 weeks and have failed to do any! 🙂 by the way can you not request a private room? I did the last time around, I think you pay £20 a night or something?

  3. I feel excited for you! Hopefully it will all go smoothly and you’ll have an amazing gift to enjoy at the end.

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