Another 2 weeks have past and I’ve now reached 24 weeks pregnant.  If you’ve been following the posts, you will know that I’ve suffer with HG and SPD, both of which I’m sad to say are still raising their ugly heads every now and I could forget I’m pregnant without them!

This last 2 weeks saw us travel to London for Britmums, which I was dreading due to all the standing up and walking around, but I think I was too caught up in the buzz to notice most of the time.  Although it did catch up with me on Sunday!

If you read the 22 week post, you’ll know that we had a rather disappointing first gender scan and had booked into another clinic the day before Britmums Live.  Those of you I bumped into, will already know the gender…I thought it would be more exciting telling you in person, not every blogger gets the chance!  However for those of you who don’t already know…

Gender Announcement

We are all super chuffed!  I can’t wait to have another little girl join our family and thankfully it’s what Munch wanted all along, so we didn’t have to bring her round to the idea…phew!  Now I can sort through all the old clothes and toys and although we decorate pretty gender neutral around here, I can start to organise the nursery.

I’m really looking forward to our new arrival in October and finding out the gender has really helped with the excitement in the house.  I perhaps wrongly have paid attention recently to bloggers with 2 girls and the bonds between them and it makes me even more excited.  I know there aren’t any guarantees when it comes to family relationships and I for one will not take anything for granted, but allowing myself to imagine just for a minute that we could have that little bubble of warmth and closeness I’ve seen, fills my heart with joy.



  1. Awww a girl!! Huge congrats, I know it’s taken a few weeks to properly confirm that but must be so exciting to now know for sure. I hope the SPD and HG give you a break soon. I have to admit I had a huge strop this week after finding out about the diabetes, feels a bit like one thing after another.

  2. Kelly finn Reply

    Woooooo! What amazing news, I do think sisters have the best bond. I didn’t start hating mine until my tween years haha!
    So sorry to hear the HG and SPD are still causing issues, one is bad enough so it sucks arse that you get the “pleasure” of both. I was super sick with Tia, for the full nine months. Not HG sick but sick and it’s so tiring.
    You’re looking amazing though doll, and we’ll over halfway now. She’ll be here before you know it xxx

    • I can’t wait for her to arrive! Me and my brother hated each other as kids. So I’d love them to be super close x

  3. Woohoo! It’s a girl!! I’m glad you managed to enjoy London despite the crappy HG & SPD. It was so lovely to see you! I hope you get the closeness you’d like in your little family. Munch will be an awesome big sister xxx

  4. Yay a girl! Hope the HG and SPD don’t stick around much longer for you. I’m sure your girls will have a lovely bond together x

  5. Congratulations two girls are great ( i had two girls then a surprise third child boy) My girls get on so well and i know it sounds silly but i felt like i knew what i was doing with a girl and we had so many toys and things that we could give her. That is a lovely photo of you xx

    • I know what you mean…girl feels like I know what I’m doing more. Every child is different I know, so no guarantees x

  6. Congratulations on having another little lady! Of course I am biased, but having two little girls really is the absolute best. My two fight like cat and dog now they are both a bit older but their bond is just absolutely incredible- they are the best of friends even when they are fighting. And bizarrely l quite like the fights as that’s what siblings should do. M is going to make the best big sister! I hope the sickness eases off completely soon. x

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