Well what a 2 weeks it’s been!  Still taking my full suite of anti sickness medicine and SPD is getting progressively worse, which is to be expected.  But this week saw the 20 week scan.  Our hospital don’t disclose gender and infact there are signs up requesting that no one even asks the question.  The scan went well and then did a few extra checks after muggings here fell down the stairs as I was leaving the house to go to the scan.  Despite this, I still ended up in hospital the next day due to bleeding to get checked and have a shot of anti D, as my blood type is negative.

After my scan I had a consultation at the clinic due to previous birth experience, which every doctor likes to tell me was horrendous.  Given that it’s the only birth I know, I thought it was ok.  Alright, so needing emergency surgery to remove the placenta, as it was retained and getting a blood transfusion wasn’t in the plan, but it could have been worse.  They assure me that it was completely rare and a retained placenta is unlikely to happen again.  But given that I don’t like to gamble and that I’m still awaiting plastic surgery to attempt a second repair on my episiotomy scar, I’ve opted for a section. I will get a date for this when I go back for a 34 weeks scan and consultation.  It will be quite exciting to have a date to look forward to.

Another bit of exciting news is that we paid for a gender scan today.  I was so convinced that Munch was a boy and being a new first time mum it really threw me.  That coupled with Munch’s complete determination that we are having a girl, I guessed it would be good all round if we found out.

However, it was a bad experience. The person struggled to use the machine and was all over the place. So although they eventually gave an answer, neither of us felt any confidence in their ability to provide the information. So until we can arrange a scan elsewhere, there will be no reveal.



  1. The Pie Patch Reply

    Goodness, your pregnancy sounds so similar to mine – I had hyperemesis & SPD with both of mine. I’m also O rhesus negative, so had the joy of anti-D injections too. Add to that a traumatic emergency c-section under general anaesthetic the first time, followed by an elective section the second time, we have an awful lot in common! I hope things improve for you, or at least don’t get too much worse, and that you can find some small moments of enjoyment in amongst all the pain and sickness.

  2. Another Bun Reply

    Oh no, where did you go? We had positive experiences both pregnancies with BabyBond in the West End. As you know, I had a lovely, lovely section at the same hospital – if you want things like skin to skin in theatre etc then it is completely doable. Drop me a message if you want to chat x

  3. I am hoping the next scan goes better. You have a gorgeous bump – your pregnancy is zooming by! Can’t wait to see you on Friday x

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