The half way point is officially here!  The kicks are getting stronger, which is always reassuring.  However the sickness still lingers and the SPD is getting progressively worse.

We spent our 20th week in the South of France for our first family holiday abroad (the last for a long time) and I’m feeling bad that keeping Munch entertained fell solely on hubs, as my energy levels (plus nausea and SPD) rendered me pretty useless.  If I do exert myself, it tends to end in light bleeding.  For which I’ve already had an anti D injection for and will be discussed further at my scheduled clinic appointment on Wednesday.  I’m hoping that there aren’t any further conditions to add to the already long list.

Good news however, as we will be getting a gender scan on Saturday (any guesses?) and I can’t wait to find out.  Again I am convinced that it will be a boy.  But I’ve been wrong once before, so my gut counts for nothing.

We’ve been doing more around the house and after our holidays and Britmums, we will be making a start on the nursery.  My job is still on the line, so our kitchen continues to sit in the garage taunting me, but I know it’s the right decision.  The last thing we’d want to do is start something and not be in a financial position to finish it.  So until I get the green light from work, it’ll stay in storage.

That’s it for this pregnancy update.  I’ll have a gender reveal in the next fortnightly update.  You can catch the rest here.



  1. Yay for the half way mark of pregnancy! Hopefully you get to start your kitchen soon, we are extending ours and hopefully will go ahead with it in middle of July! Cant wait for your gender reveal! x

  2. You’re looking gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the nausea and SPD though and that you are having problems at work. Hope everything settles down for you soon and look forward to your gender reveal! xx

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