Wow, the weeks are flying in!  Can’t believe I’m 18 weeks pregnant already!  That’s halfway in month terms!  If you missed the 16 week update, you can find it here.

Had a bit of a relapse on the feeling pretty nauseous front, which is getting a bit old now.  I’m hoping from previous experience that this will be gone by the time we head to France at 20 weeks.  SPD has settled down a bit with the help of exercises.  It’s no longer giving me daily trouble, however at the weekend, when I’m more active it does get the better of me.

I had a midwives appointment this week and heard the heartbeat for the first time!  It was amazing, especially since both hubs and I just started to feel some movements.  All making it much more real now! Can’t wait for Munch to be able to feel the movements, but I guess that will be some time yet because she won’t sit still long enough.

Hard to believe, but already feeling like my lungs are getting a bit squished.  I get breathless just getting up.

We find out the gender the week before Britmums Live.  Munch is still in the girl camp and I’d love her to get her wish.  I’ve been paying particular attention to bloggers with 2 girls and find the bond super cute.  I have a feeling it will be a boy, but I was wrong last time. I’m putting my suspicions down to my insatiable hunger, which I didn’t have with Munch.

That’s it for my update this time.  If you have any questions for the next update, then leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them in the next post at 20 weeks.

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  1. time really does fly with your second, it’s like there’s no chance to sit and think about being pregnant haha. Seems to be a year of the boys this year so I’m going to guess boy 🙂 xx

  2. Aww so glad the SPD has calmed down a lot. I have my appointment tomorrow, hoping they can give me some good exercises too. Z wants a boy and I have a feeling it’s a girl but I definitely could be wrong 🙂 hope you both get your wish xx

  3. Your photo is gorgeous! I think two girls is beautiful – my bestie has two girls and they love each other so incredibly but I love having a boy and a girl too – can’t believe LP could have been a big sister to a girl called Celeste! Hard to imagine now as LP and Little Man are just the perfect pair – Munch will love it completely whatever it may be x

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