I can hardly believe that 2 weeks have passed already!  If you missed my 14 week update you can catch it here.

We have booked out gender scan for early June, when I’ll be 22 weeks pregnant.  It’s a Saturday, so Munch can come with us and see the baby on the screen.  As she’s almost 4, I figure she’ll remember quite a bit of this, so I want her to experience a scan.

People have asked about the 4 year age gap between the 2 and that was purely down to how ill I get during pregnancy.  We thought it wise to wait until Munch was pretty self sufficient, toilet trained, feeding herself etc before we effectively drop to 1 able parent.  Both Hubs and Munch has been absolute superstars whilst I’ve been ill.

I’ve already had a consultation about SPD and been given exercises, so it’s just a waiting game now to see how bad it gets during the pregnancy, although hopefully I’ve got in there early.  After all, I did plan our first holiday abroad to France and a family trip to London (for Britmums) around sickness and SPD, only for it to arrive early!

The sickness has improved dramatically.  I’m still on my full dose of anti-sickness, but I hope to drop that down from 20 weeks and see how it goes.

I’m really grateful that I’m starting to feel human again, although I over did it hoovering the other day and I suffered with pelvic pain for 2 days after that.  I just need to remember I can’t do these things.

I’ve been making finishing touches to the rooms in the house that were almost done and I’ve been pinning nursery ideas.  All in line with my series ‘Getting Your Home Baby Ready‘.

It’s such an amazing time for us as a family.  I just wish that my job was more secure at this time, but at least I’m passed 15 weeks so qualify for SMP with the government if anything bad does happen.  However, our kitchen renovations are on hold until we know for sure (so frustrating when the kitchen plys appliances are sitting in the garage!)

I’ll be back again in 2 weeks with the next baby update!




  1. Oh your bump is just so cute!! I bet Munch will love the scan – looking forward to reading that post! X

  2. Look at your gorgeous bump already. I am so glad the sickness is starting to let up, means life can be slightly more fun.

    I hope you get to enjoy your time away xxx

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