With baby girl number 2 on the way and getting things ready, I need to make sure I have all the essentials for her arrival.  We already have some of these essentials from last time, however some are fairly new to the market and/or we need another one as we’re still using it for Munch.  So what essentials do I need to get?


We are going to be bottle feeding.  We bottle fed Munch and although I know it’s not for everyone, it worked for us as a family.  Daddy got the chance to be involved in what I consider to be a very special moment and this time around Munch will be able to participate too, which will be magical to watch.  So we’ll need to make sure we renew our steriliser, bottles, teats and bottle warmer.


We had the top of the range baby bath last time and ended up giving it away to charity as Munch preferred getting in the big bath with one of us.  So this time around we will stick to that again.  Munch will be sharing bathtime with the new arrival, so that’s the company sorted.  We’ll just need to arrange a bath support and some more hooded towels…you can never have enough.

Of course for grooming we’ll need to get a little pack with nail clippers, brush and thermometer – as these things have gone missing or are being used on Munch’s dolly!


We were pampers through and through frist time around.  However we’ve since discovered Huggies wipes, which we adore!  They are wet from the very first wipe to the last.  So once the first few weeks are past we’ll be continuing to use these.  We’ll need to get a bulk order of nappies in as well as new changing mats from upstairs and downstairs.

For out and about, my friend over at Life in Eight purchased a Pacapod, which I hadn’t seen before, but was immediatly impressed with.  Lots of storage compartments to help organise your bits and bobs.


We swaddled Munch and I remember many a night time feed trying to sleepily ‘re-wrap’ like a fajita!  Gro have brought out a new Gro Snug, which is a swaddle that develops into a gro bag when the time comes, so I’m loving that idea…obviously dependant on baby’s swaddle/no swaddle preference! We will also need another blackout blind and Video monitor for the nursery, as we still use Munch’s ones in her room.

For naps and comforting, I’m loving the look of the Gro Hush, which plays soothing white noise directly to the baby.


We already have a Bugaboo Chameleon travel system which we will use again, but also a Joie Brisk for when we need something more compact.  We can reuse Munch’s baby car seat, but we will need to get a second newborn car seat for the other car, as last time we just swapped between cars, which was a pest.

I’ve been looking at baby carriers.  We already have a stokke carrier, which we didn’t get until Munch was a toddler, so we haven’t use it for new borns yet.  I’d like something light weight and easy to operate…any suggestions?

baby essentials list

1. Tommee Tippee healthcare kit – RRP £10 2.  Cuddledry Towel – RRP £30  3. Paca pod – RRP £85 4.  Tomy Video Monitor – RRP £75  5.  Gro Hush – RRP £24.99  6.  Stokke Baby Carrier – RRP £139  7.  Gro Snug – RRP £ 22.95 8.  Gro Blind – RRP £29.99  9.  Huggies Wipes – from £1





  1. The item that made a huge difference was black out blinds. I had to put Velcro around the window frame and you put the black out blind onto the Velcro. Not one bit of light comes in he room when its attached. It helped my son sleep a bit longer, rather than wake up at 5.30am.

  2. Great list. We still use the Gro blind and O is nearly 4! It’s a great product, made even better that you can move it from room to room or take it away with you x

  3. Zoe Alicia Reply

    Love the go anywhere blind! It’s very clever, and I’d never thought of it before 🙂

  4. What a great list, I definately will be saving this for future reference as being a new mum can be daunting and lists like these are always helpful!


  5. Such an exciting time waiting for a new baby to arrive 🙂 Your post has made me nostalgic, it’s been so long since my girls had any baby things!

  6. Very good list of essentials and really useful posts. We have a couple of these for Lamb. I love the look of the Paca Pod bags and might treat myself to one when I decide to have baby no.2! I also really want to try the Gro Hush as Lamb was too old when they released it xx

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