Life on the road is on largely the same every day, especially if you do the same daily commutes. Sometimes we create little habits for ourselves, like pulling into the nearest drive through for a coffee, whilst blasting out Radio 1, or maybe you’re more a Classic FM listener and have a more relaxed approached to your commute. Drawing out every precious second before you arrive at work.

However your daily commute looks, every now and then there’s a one off occurrence. Maybe an injured animal on the road, a bit of a to do on the pavement between some school kids or even a broken down car with a heavily pregnant passenger… The RAC have devised a test to find out just what type of driver you are. And find out whether you’re a driver by, everyday hero, or maybe a reserved rescuer. You can take the quick Everyday Hero quiz below and discover what driver you are.

Brought to you by RAC

Do let me know in the comment which driver you are when you’re done… I was a Reserved Rescuer, which is deemed as “In an emergency, you’ll step into some hero boots – but you’d rather stay safely behind the wheel. After all, you do have a life to lead.” I’ll take that! I’m happy to stop in a crisis, but each situation is carefully assessed!

I remember once stopping as a saw a lifeless cat on the side of the road. I did drive by, as it was pitch black outside, but when I got home I called the RSPCA, the police and even the local council to notify them of the cats location, but none of the 3 were interested sadly. By the time I drove back passed in daylight, it was gone. To this day I wish I had stopped and checked for a collar and even taken it to the vet. I know it was too late for the kitty, but I’d have like to have known if it were my beloved pet. What would you have done?

If you have any car journey tales, whether “everyday hero”, “reserved rescuer” or “drive on byer”, do let me know in the comment below. Let’s see the average amongst all the readers. Or maybe you have an embarrassing car story to share… Do tell!


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