Add some fun and adventure to your life – and get out into the beautiful natural world at the same time – by partaking in one of these thrilling adventure activities in England.

1. Sailing

The south coast of England is a fabulous spot for sailing. Join a club and learn from scratch, or just hire some gear and go! If you are lucky, you will see seals and dolphins alongside you as you cruise along. If you do not fancy sailing in the sea, the southern counties of England are also home to some lovely sailing lakes including the Tamar Lakes in the south west.

2. Try out flying in England

Soar above the fields, towns and cities of southern England with an unforgettable flying experience. These experiences come in all shapes and sizes, so it will be very easy to find one that suits you. Try your hand at flying a helicopter for yourself, for instance, or parachute out of a plane. Or, just sit back and enjoy the ride as a skilled pilot takes you on a grand tour of the clouds.

3. Hang gliding

Want to know how a butterfly feels as it flutters along on the breeze? Try out hang gliding! The South Downs is just one amazing spot to go hang gliding. You could also try it on the beaches either side of Brighton. Feeling the wind whisk you along, free as a bird, is so exhilarating and something that you can enjoy no matter what your age or skill level.

4. Mountain biking

Would you like to try and mountain bike from one end of the south of England to another? You could go solo, or you could join a group of bikers for a sociable experience. There are plenty of pleasant cycling routes along the southern part of the UK, including the so called Cuckoo Trail in East Sussex and the route that follows the Kennet and Avon Canal.

5. Wild swimming

The South is dotted with clear, clean lakes and slow rivers where you can enjoy a spot of wild swimming – nothing is more refreshing. Try the chalk bay at Houghton, the shallow lakes known as Cuckmere Meanders and Itchen pool in Twyford for starters. Only indulge in this activity if you are a strong swimmer, and always check that there are no strong currents in the river you are going to swim in.

There is something for everyone on this list

An adventure activity is a fun idea for a stag or hen party, or just for a team building exercise at work. It also makes a great day out with friends and a lovely birthday gift for an adventurous person in your life. Explore the options today and make a booking. Now is always a great time to add a little more adventure into your life.


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