I’m always stunned at how quickly time passes and here we are again for another ‘day in the life’ post.  I’m royally cheating on this post, as it’s more a ‘weekend in the life’ post, in account of poor MM being rather off colour (first full day of nursery and already floored by something) and my freelance workload.

Our weekends always start off with a gymnastics trip for Munch and a huge caramel latte for me…cue the catch up with the other Mummies and Daddies (and a new arrival in the form of a little baby boy!)

Afterwards, I had to hit the hardware store and pick up some bulbs (exciting!) and then it was off home to transform the guest room (sometimes blogging rules…and this was one of those times!  I was in my element!)

HL May 16 7

Munch had been asking for Spag Bol for tea for weeks now and so the house chef (Hubs) made a big pot of it for tea and extra to freeze.  I’m not a fan of mince at all.  The texture is something I just can’t stand, but I do spoon the sauce over pasta.

HL May 16 3

It was a quick bath and bed for the kids.  Poor MM was so hot and even shunned her bed bottle.

I nipped to the shops for some nibbles and me and hubs had the first evening together in over a week.  We had downloaded ‘The Five’ to watch and we are hooked!

HL May 16 8

Sunday we hit soft play for late morning and had lunch there. Then we bundled into the car at MM’s naptime to drop me at home to crack on with some work.  Whilst hubs took both kids into Aberdeen to get some shopping.  He realised when he got there that he’d left MM’s cup on the roof of the car though and had a bit of a panic to replace it in town so she could have snack.

HL May 16 4

I got a good bit of work done before they returned with the ironing…don’t ask! Then as it was such a glorious evening, we headed down to the fish and chip shop and even ate dinner outside.

HL May 16 6

HL May 16 2

HL May 16 1

HL May 16

HL May 16 5

Munch was so happy to be outdoors again, so much so she artfully negotiated that instead of stories and some book time she pick flowers.  So pj’s and wellies on and off she went.

MM on the other had her first night time without a bedtime bottle.  She’s been down an hour as I type and no peep so far.  It just seemed like natural progression after she’d refused it the night before.  The last bottle could be gone…part of me is happy that I can ditch the steriliser and the other part is a bit sad that it was the one last thing that made her a baby.  It feels like such a huge part of my life that has now ended for good…something bittersweet.

You can follow every day in our lives now as we are avid snapchatters…we are lifewithmuncher

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  1. I always enjoy seeing what other people get up to. Looks like a lovely weekend. I cheated a bit too taking photos last weekend instead of this one #homelifeproject
    Karen recently posted…By: Would Like to BeMy Profile

  2. My post very nearly ended up as a “weekend in the life of” but I thought as the host I should try and stick to my own rules – ha, ha! 😉 You’ve beaten me on ditching the night-time bottle (think I went to a year with Theo!!) but I ditched the steriliser a couple of weeks ago… bloody thing took just long enough to do its cycle for me to forget I’d put it on. Glad to see the back of it!

    PS – You do realise the pics in this post are the kind of ones that make southerners sell their houses and relocate to the Highlands, cause the weather is like that every day, right!? ;-P
    clare @ maybush studio recently posted…The Year In Books – The Forgetting TimeMy Profile

  3. Oh my… You’re watching The Five too?! It’s amazing! I have read a few of Harlan Cobens books and he’s an amazing writer. I’ve got the final two episodes to watch now from Friday and can’t wait to find out what’s been happening! Hope MM is feeling better xx

  4. Lovely photos. Gorgeous outdoor photos. Was so nice to see you at the weekend, lovely to finally meet you! We need to talk for longer next time for sure 🙂 Jess xx

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