Togetherness…something that is treasured in our family.  Savored for the very blink of time during the week.  Those fleeting moments in the morning when we are all rushing around in the morning and those with places to go, head out the door.  Then the snapshot of time in the evenings when kids are being put to bed and dinner is being made.  It’s something that is really felt at a weekend, where life slows down…just for 48 hours.  Long enough to connect again, make memories and carve out a future.

Thanks to Clare at Maybush Studios amazing Home Life link up, here is a day in our lives…March…

With Mother’s Day to celebrate, I was woken later than usual by an excited little face holding out a handmade card…something to treasure. Although Munch does ensure me that she didn’t actually say that.

mothers say

This year, Mother’s Day meant one thing for us and that was a lazy day.  This was the first weekend we have spent in our new open plan kitchen/living area (which still isn’t 100% finished…note the dust from sanding the skirtings in this picture…)

eames chair

But to hell with the bit of dust from the renovations, I refuse to live in the back room ‘squat’ any longer!  I’m already loving the huge impact of being in an open plan space.  It really has changed our life as a family.

The snow was falling outside, so the log burner was put on whilst I nestled with the girls on the sofa…yes in jammies and yes I brought my pillow down off the bed…do not judge me!

baby gaze

Munch hopped on and off the sofa to play with the various freebies that came in her magazine she got the day before.


Weaning started this week for little MM, so Daddy was very helpful in taking over the reigns today to give me a well needed break from it.  I had been stressing all week over the transition from bottle to cup, but hubs made progress with it today..I was all for giving up.

baby laugh

MM is such a happy baby, so she was all smiles and on best behaviour for her first Mother’s Day…thank you poppet!


We were even joined by the elusive furry baby, who is clearly feeling left out of the family circle and spends most of her life outside.  But what cat can resist the allure of a roaring fire…right?!

black cat

Alongside my home made card and favourite flowers, I was treated to a teddy bear show by Munch (and coffee and cake by hubs…extra points).

tulips and coffee

chocolate cake

Can you guess what kind of cake we had?!

Munch clearly doesn’t take after me, as she was keen to get dressed after our brunch of bacon and eggs. Both her and hubs played all afternoon, whilst MM napped.  They even cracked out the Play Doh.


Once MM was up and had her first taste of spag bol (which went down well) we just larked about.  We were too cosy to go out for a walk in the snow, so we cuddled, tickled, sang songs and ate yet more cake…no rules on Mama’s Day…anything goes!

We didn’t need much persuading to get a takeaway chinese for dinner.  MM has a third little cat nap around our tea time, so Hubs set off with both kids to collect our order and I had a lovely little half hour to myself.

We made prawn cracker faces…who doesn’t?! and then it was off to the land of nod for Munch and MM and an evening in front of the fire for us parents.

Roaring fire

First Mother’s Day as a foursome…done!  Pretty perfect ultimate lazy day, if you ask me!


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  1. These are my favourite kind of posts of yours lovely, love getting an insight into your life. Love the cropped photos as well, they give a really lovely perspective. x

  2. Weekends are definitely treasured times when life slows down a little. Good luck on weaning. I am sure she will do great. Just never get over how quickly our babies are growing up. Sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day. #HomeLifeProject

  3. Awww I LOVE last months photo’s, your home is looking lovely and that fire. It is the one thing we regret not doing, we never converted the fires. The photo’s are beautiful and I LOVE the light, I need some tips off you lovely x

  4. Flying solo Reply

    Sounds like a perfect weekend to me, although I would have added Gin! 🙂
    I love my weekends of doing nothing, I had to schedule one in last weekend as I’v been so busy since moving. It was heaven xx

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