How is it possible that we are half way through the year already?!

Time for another ‘Day In Our Lives’ post and it landed on the most glorious weekend…which I’m sure qualifies as summer in Northern Scotland!

I was working at an event called Taste of Grampian on Saturday with the agency I freelance for, but given it was outdoors and ‘scorching’ it didn’t feel like work at all.  So I’m sneaking in a couple of pics from there (on the account of the cute bottles of gin and the cute 9 day old turkey)

Barra Bronze Turkey

Eden Mill Gin

It was a local food and drink festival for all the family and they popped over around 3pm and grabbed some event end bargains.

If you follow me on snapchat, you’ll know that I missed the glorious weather last Sunday, as I was sat indoors working for the whole day, so this Sunday I was determined to get outside and spend some quality time with the people I love and have been sadly neglecting due to the juggling of late.

That could only mean one thing…..mass milestone catch up!  I’m really not that bad…they all happened in the last 10 days (just to clarify!)

HL June 16 2

HL June 16 3

HL June 16 4

HL June 16 6

Whilst I was catching up on this lot, Munch and the Hubs were busy pottering in the garden…which we are really struggling to keep on top of.  Neither of us are keen gardeners, but the last owners were and they created this rather whimsical country garden.  We just don’t have the time to do it any justice, so we do what we can to keep it down…but it is endless in summer.

HL June 16 7

It was just so magical, lying out on the grass with MM, listening to all the bees buzzing around…I always think they look like they are wearing little furry jackets.

HL June 16 8

MM loved being outside for once and I think it’s the first time she has experienced the texture of grass…so she was loving that!

HL June 16

Daddy on the other hand is just in it for the lark!

HL June 16 1

That’s our rather jumbled up ‘Day In Our Lives’ for June…and if I do say so, it was the most perfect.  Everything is so much better when the sun is shining.

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  1. I agree everything is better when the sun is shining. What lovely photos of a lovely day #homelifeproject

  2. Aww those little fingers feeling the grass. Blooming gorgeous. I love the shot of them both gardening. Looks like you had a glorious weekend like we did. Have a gorgeous month and see you soon x

  3. This is ridiculous but I’m always slightly surprised when MM achieves another monthly milestone, like “dammit she’s beaten Alice to it again…oh yeah, hang on, that’s the way it will always work!” and 9 day old turkeys that don’t look even slightly like turkeys! Crazy stuff!

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